Wilderness Canoe Short Film: “Finding Rhythm”

canoeist finding rhythm at sunset

The Canoe There team had a chance to make a 9-minute inspirational film while enjoying their favorite pastime—wilderness canoeing. (Canoe There is an Iowa-based media and marketing company that specializes in working with outdoor industry clients.)

Here’s their end result:

A wilderness canoe trip gives you lots of time to think. It gives you time to slow down, in fact, forces you to slow down. In our fast-paced modern Western culture—that’s a good thing!

“So many things that I do in life—it’s about doing them relatively quickly. When you get out here you really have to slow down. No matter what’s going on in your life…no matter how busy you are… no matter how stressed you are…or even how happy you are…getting outside and getting away from it all is the ultimate re-set button.”

A canoe trip also gives you a different perspective on the wilderness:

“I’ve been in these similar areas, these types of lakes and forests. I’ve hiked all over them. But on my hikes so often I'm thinking, “Man, I wish I could get out on that! That’s what’s so cool about a trip like this. You’re traveling in a canoe and are in your own little island on that boat.”

“I love the contrast between portaging and canoeing. Each one resets the other. You get kind of tired of sitting, and you get out and stretch your legs. Yes!”

wilderness canoeing

The crew went out in May, between ice out and real spring in the north. They faced rain and even snow, but were able to still look back and say they had an awesome time.

“It’s all part of it. What are you going to do when things don’t exactly as planned? Are you going to be someone that lets that dampen your spirits? It’s part of the adventure, and part of the fun.”

How many of us have gone through that very thing? Yes, there are highs and lows on almost every wilderness canoe trip. But we keep going back because there’s just something that special about it.

Some of our Instagram followers answered “Why do you love wilderness canoeing?”

  • “There's romance in paddling with a boat full of gear. Half of the adventure is getting there!" @chasegregory23
  • “Gets me to where others can't go allows me to see the beauty of the earth.” @jddesrosiers
  • “Enjoying the beautiful outdoors while breathing fresh air and getting some exercise!” @ovkbf
  • “Knowing you may be the first person in a long time to ever explore those waters!” @nebasska_fishing
  • “Becoming in-sync with the natural cycles.” @meowtime_
  • “Access to places not everyone gets to see. Paddling along in almost silence is indescribable.” @yakcamwade
  • “The solitude.” @dnmtnracer
  • “The solitude.” @bryers_icecream

Why do you love wilderness canoeing?

canoeing in the wilderness

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