Bending Branches’ Performance Canoe Paddles

Simply put, if you love canoeing, we have a paddle for you! Take a look at our line-up of performance canoe paddles ready to take you on your next paddle adventure…

java performance canoe paddle

Black Pearl II Canoe Paddle

Our lightest canoe paddle is for the serious canoeist. The Black Pearl II is perfect for those who want the least weight, yet high durability from their paddle.

black pearl ii canoe paddle

At just 16 ounces, you’ll hardly notice you have a paddle in your hands, even after several hours. Its contoured palm grip gives you both ultimate comfort and ultimate control.

100% carbon from tip-to-tip, the 105-square inch blade’s edges are reinforced with Edgegard nylon protection. In other words, this is one tough paddle!

MSRP: $249.95 • See specs for Black Pearl II

Sunburst 11 and Sunburst ST Canoe Paddles

The Sunburst is a gorgeous combination of a tri-colored wood blade and a T-700 carbon shaft. If you want the beauty of wood with the feather-weight of carbon, this paddle is for you.

sunburst canoe paddle

The Sunburst 11 has a bent-shaft blade for extra efficiency on long paddling days while the Sunburst ST features a straight shaft. Both have blades of red alder, basswood and roasted basswood in a striking design, with full Rockgard® edge protection.

Its asymmetric palm/T-grip blend gives you comfort and control all day long. Just 17 ounces.

MSRP: $224.95 (11) and $214.95 (ST) • See specs for Sunburst 11See specs for Sunburst ST

Viper Canoe Paddle

The Viper is the paddle for you if you want one specially-handcrafted to be easy on your body. It’s ergonomically designed with a double bent shaft to help keep both wrists aligned when you’re paddling.

viper canoe paddle

The Viper’s basswood/roasted basswood blade is a beefy 128.5 square inches, giving you more pull with every stroke. The Rockgard ® edge protection protects it from rocks and other hazards. Its shaft is 18-laminate basswood with a very comfortable curved palm grip. It weighs 22 ounces.

MSRP: $159.95 • See specs for Viper

Java 11 and Java ST Canoe Paddles

For the purest: our lightest all-wood canoe paddle, the Java 11 and Java ST weigh a mere 19 ounces. This paddle will take you effortlessly over long stretches of water, whether the bent-shaft or straight-shaft model.

java canoe paddle

A solid basswood shaft and a basswood/roasted basswood blade combine to give the Java its distinctive look. A full Rockgard ® wrap adds protection. The ovalized shaft and classic palm grip mean hours of comfort.

MSRP: $149.95 (11) and $139.95 (ST) • See specs for Java 11See specs for Java ST

Expedition Plus

For the expedition canoeist who wants the toughest paddle, the Expedition Plus is for you. It stands up to the most demanding conditions on long wilderness trips, yet is beautifully crafted like all our wood paddles.

expedition plus canoe paddle

Its 126-square inch blade and ultimate T-grip give you power and fine-tuned control on both flat water and rivers. The blade has a full Rockgard® edge wrap, included 6 inches up the shaft for extra protection. The shaft is ovalized 18-laminate basswood.

The Expedition Plus weighs 24 ounces.

MSRP: $149.95 • See specs for Expedition Plus

Cruiser Plus 11

The Cruiser Plus is for the budget-conscious canoeist who still demands a quality bent-shaft paddle. It’s very affordable and still delivers an efficient, powerful stroke, and weighs just 22 ounces. It’s also a beauty, with its basswood and roasted basswood handcrafted design.

cruiser plus canoe paddle

The shaft is tough 18-laminate basswood, and its blade delivers 128 square inches of punch with every pull through the water. Rockgard® edging around the entire blade adds extra protection.

MSRP: $139.95 • See specs for Cruiser Plus 11

Explorer Plus

The Explorer Plus is a long-time favorite, known for its durability for both wilderness tripping and flat water paddling. It’s our most affordable performance canoe paddle.

explorer plus canoe paddle

This paddle features a basswood and roasted basswood blade, an 18-laminate basswood shaft and an ultra-comfortable freestyle palm grip. It weighs 24 ounces.

MSRP: $129.95 • See specs for Explorer Plus

Do you have more questions about choosing a canoe paddle? Contact our friendly Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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