What’s Your Favorite Thing about Kayak Fishing?

kayak fishing
(photo courtesy of @the_trevorsoety)

We have a fun and engaged group of Facebook fans who are ready to let us know their thoughts. Here’s how some of them answered our question:

“It’s about who I do it with…”

Barbara N. said: “My favorite thing about it is who I do it with. Some of our best dates are on the river! Next to that would be the way we don’t disturb the animals around us. Instead, we float by fishing alongside beaver and heron without alerting them. Every trip is new and more beautiful things!”

Kevin S: “The calm, the friends, the experience of it all.”

“Being alone and close to the water…”

Jason K: “Just the feeling of being alone and close to the water. Using my own power to hunt for fish and get them in the boat never gets old.”

Marty H: “The anticipation of the unexpected.”

“Taking someone out for the first time…”

Courtney B. shares that it’s “the never really knowing what to expect on a trip! It’s never the same and always creates a new memory! Taking someone out for the first time and helping instill a love for the sport is also huge. It’s all about the adventure and the memories!”

Eron D. also loves this: “Taking someone out on their first paddling or kayak fishing adventure. Putting a BB Angler Pro in their hands and watching them smile!”

“Finding new friends…”

Josh B. loves “finding new friends along the way!” and posted this photo:

kayaking friend

“Beautiful in its simplicity…”

Mike C. loves that “it feels less intrusive; allowing an escape from the chaos of the day without dragging any piece of it with me…beautiful in its simplicity. And it is really fun!”

Scotty R. agrees: “Just being that close to the water, makes you slow down and fish stuff that ordinarily you would go right by in a boat.” And “The challenge is always good, and teaching new anglers what I know, helping them off to a good start.

Ricky W. said, “Being a life style.”

Jim W. summed it up by adding: “All of the above…plus catching big ol’ bass!”

Thanks to all of you who chimed in on this conversation!

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