Why Fish From A Kayak?

Why are so many folks hooked on kayak fishing? Let’s take a look…

why fish from a kayak?

Biggest Benefits of Kayak Fishing: Cost and Accessibility

Kayak fishing is so appealing for two main reasons: cost and accessibility.

Think about it. Fishing kayaks start at under $1,000. Fishing boats with motors start at around $15,000, plus a trailer and a vehicle big enough to pull it. A fishing kayak needs a roof rack, and you’re good to go.   

A kayak allows you access to small lakes, shallow bays and rivers that motor boats can’t maneuver in. You can fish in just a few inches of water if you want to. You have access to many more spots where the fish like to hang out, far more than a motor boat.

Other Benefits of Kayak Fishing

There are many other benefits of kayak fishing, too:

  • Kayaks are easy to transport. As already noted, no trailer needed.
  • You can launch from nearly anywhere.
  • Kayaks are easier and cheaper to store. Hang them in your garage…even store one inside your home if you have the room!
  • Kayaks are better for the environment than boats with gas motors.
  • Kayaks are quieter, so you can sneak up on fish.
  • Kayaking is great exercise (Check out: How Kayak Fishing Makes You Healthier)  
  • There’s just something about being right on the water. It’s relaxing. It’s healing.
  • Kayak fishing is just plain fun!

Choosing a Fishing Kayak

If you don’t own a kayak, we suggest renting one to see which model you prefer. Your options are the recreational sit-inside kayaks or the specially-made sit-on-top kayaks, ideal for fishing.

Once you try out both models, you can purchase the style that best fits your needs.

Local kayak shops are your best bet to try out different kayaks before you buy. Many of them have Demo Days a couple times a year for this purpose. Make sure you give details explaining all the ways you plan to use your kayak (recreationally, fishing, whitewater, etc.).

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More Tips on Kayak Fishing

We suggest you seek out a local fishing guide for tips on kayak fishing. They can clue you in on the best places to fish in your area, what type of kayak to buy, what gear to use and the type of fish you want to catch.

After choosing a kayak, the next step is choosing your gear. Here are some of the basics you’ll need: a kayak, a paddle, a PFD (personal flotation device or life jacket), a fishing rod, leashes for the rod and paddle, and a rod holder.

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Kayak fishing is on the rise! Imagine reeling in your first fish from your new kayak…and join in on the trend!

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