We Made the List of Best Canoe Paddles of 2021…Several Times!

best canoe paddles

Our friends at paddling.com recently published their list of Best Canoe Paddles of 2021. They sifted through thousands of their readers’ comments and reviews to narrow down their choices.

45% of the canoe paddles on the list are hand-crafted by Bending Branches!

Let’s take a look:

Expedition Plus Canoe Paddle

Our Expedition Plus is built for hardcore wilderness canoe expeditions on both flatwater and rivers. Canoeists love its durability and responsiveness:

“This paddle changed my paddling experience. It’s lightweight but durable construction and incredible responsiveness let’s me go further distance, with less effort…” (clangrid23902)

“This paddle is unbelievably responsive, and beautiful to boot. I can paddle longer and with less fatigue. It is so comfortable to use, very responsive, and makes my trips all the more pleasant.” (paddler785181)

bending branches expedition plus canoe paddle

With it’s T-grip for ultimate control, Rockgard edge protection around the entire blade and 6 inches up the shaft, and 4 ounces of fiberglass wrap, you’re looking at several decades of canoeing with this paddle (MSRP $159.95).

BB Special Canoe Paddle

Canoeists love the bent-shaft BB Special for its “flatwater cruising performance at an unbeatable price.” In fact, it’s a Bending Branches best-seller, ideal for the everyday canoeist.

“I have owned and used my Bending Branches BB bent shaft paddle for at least 15 years. I have paddled the Boundary Waters with it as well as several rivers and lakes in the southeast even a few Class II rapids. It is light, efficient and feels good in my hands.” (ckyria)

bending branches bb special canoe paddle

(photo courtesy of @andalexander)

The BB Special comes with the very comfortable classic palm grip, an 11º bend in the shaft and beautiful combination of basswood, red alder and maple in the blade (MSRP $109.95).

Arrow Canoe Paddle

The Arrow is the Special’s straight-shaft counterpart. It offers the same reliability, the same performance and the same beauty with a straight shaft instead of a bent shaft.

“A ten is somehow not enough. My absolute highest praise. I bought my first Bending Branches Arrow 8 years ago. That paddle has seen easily 2,000 miles of river travel. It has been lightly sanded and refinished once (needs it again after this last trip), but Oh ! what a magnificent expression of a woodworker's art. It sings in my hands.” (guest-paddler)

canoiests with paddles and canoe

(photo courtesy of @andweroam)

A classic palm grip and ovalized shaft make this paddle ultra-comfortable, its Rockgard edging and 18-laminate shaft make it durable, and the basswood/red alder/maple blade make it beautiful (MSRP $109.95).

Java ST Canoe Paddle

The Java ST is the lightest all-wood canoe paddle on the market. Combine that with its eye-catching pinstriped blade, comfortable and responsive freestyle palm grip, and generous blade size and you can’t go wrong.

“The Java is a beautiful paddle, love the pinstripe look. The paddle is so light I thought the box was empty when I picked it up, craftsmanship is very good and the fiberglass wrap and Rockgard take care of it being tough. Love it.” (shooter-x)

bending branches java ST canoe paddle

(photo courtesy of @ianefinch)

At just 19 ounces, this paddle will take you for hours on the water with less fatigue and muscle soreness (MSRP $149.95).

Viper Canoe Paddle

The Viper is truly a unique paddle. It features a double bend in the shaft to keep both your wrists aligned as you paddle. This is especially wonderful for long days on the water over several days.

“I just finished a 10-day solo trip on the Green River (Labyrinth Canyon) and the Viper was amazing. I've been paddling the Viper since May...mostly lake and one three-day river trip. I haven't experienced any of the elbow fatigue I suffered last summer. It is a beautiful paddle, too. The large blade also can move some water!” (fotomatt)

dog in canoe

(photo courtesy of Vermont Paddle Pups)

22 ounces of beauty and durability, the Viper is made with canoe tripping in mind. It’s blade is crafted from basswood and roasted basswood, and the double-bent shaft is 18-laminate basswood for extra durability (MSRP $159.95).

That’s a wrap! To see paddling.com’s full list of its top picks for canoe paddles of 2021, click here.

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