Paddling Education

Lake Superior Canoe Camping Trip
Lake Superior isn’t known as an ideal canoe camping lake because of its vast size and unpredictable weather. But Canadians Jon and Erin took 11 days in 2023 for such a trip along some of its northern shoreline.
Our Purpose? To Inspire Memorable Outdoor Experiences
You might think our underlying purpose at Bending Branches is to craft world-class canoe and kayak fishing paddles. But our Why goes deeper than that—it’s to inspire YOU to have memorable outdoor experiences on the water!
Ways to Pass On Kayak Fishing to Your Kids
Tyler Thiede is a Bending Branches Regional Ambassador from our home state of Wisconsin. He’s been an avid kayak angler for many years and now enjoys bringing his son Jackson along to fish too.
20 Apps for Canoeists, Kayakers & Kayak Anglers
Today’s paddlers and anglers have technology at our fingertips we could only dream about a few years ago—thanks to our handheld GPS and computer systems (commonly known as smartphones).
Swift Water Kayak Fishing Tips
Kayak fishing in swift water requires different skills than flatwater kayak fishing. IN these two videos Bending Branches ProStaffer Drew Gregory covers basic river fishing tricks he uses all the time that you can learn too.
How to Canoe and Kayak with Your Dog

Do you have a furry best friend you want to bring kayaking or canoeing with you? Some of our readers graciously gave us their best tips for how they trained their dog(s) as paddle partners.

How to Frog Fish Successfully from a Kayak
People seem to have a love-hate relationship with frog fishing. The ones who hate it just haven't figured it out or been properly taught. Or maybe it’s the smell of the swampy weed mats, the black mud of the lake or river, or the swarm of bugs.
“Can You Canoe?” with The Okee Dokee Brothers
Ready for a fun canoe video or two? The Okee Dokee Brothers canoed the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to St. Louis, writing the songs for their album Can You Canoe? along the way (you might recognize their paddles!).
An All-Women’s Boundary Waters Canoe Trip
A couple weeks ago a group of eight women took a week off work to head north and spend four days in the Boundary Waters together.
Kevlar or Aluminum Canoe? How to Choose Yours
Modern canoes are made of many different materials, with Kevlar and aluminum being two of the most popular. How do you know which to look for when shopping for a canoe?
An Inflatable Canoe? Why Not?
Inflatable kayaks and paddle boards are everywhere—but an inflatable canoe? It’s worth considering if space is at a premium both for storage and transport but you love canoeing.
River vs Flatwater Canoe: What’s the Difference?
Our friends at Minnesota-based Midwest Mountaineering offer a helpful walk-through of the differences between river and flatwater canoes. Before buying a canoe, watch this video first so you buy the correct type for your paddling excursions.
How to Get Kids into Kayaking & Kayak Fishing
Bending Branches Regional Ambassador Steve Hrynewycz is a huge believer and action-taker in getting kids in kayaks, whether for recreation or fishing.
Kayak Fishing Tournaments Beyond the Competition
Besides placing in this highly-competitive paddlesport, what motivates kayak anglers to fish in tournaments? Whether in small, local tourneys or a regional or national event, what are the benefits besides going for the biggest and best?
Gear Review: Branches’ Navigator Kayak Paddle
Kayak angler and Bending Branches Ambassador Moo Lee has been using our Navigator kayak paddle for two years. His short version review: “I love it!”
Should Women Kayak Fish? Of Course!
Bending Branches ProStaff team member CJ Bennett has been an avid kayak angler since 2014. She encourages other women to get into this sport she loves, too.
Tips for Tandem Kayak Anglers
It’s not always easy for two anglers to successfully paddle a tandem kayak together. Bending Branches ProStaffer Chris Funk and his wife Angie share some down-to-earth tips to make your experience fun rather than frustrating.
Introducing the Kayak Fishing Life to New Folks
One thing most of our ProStaff and Ambassador team members have in common is their desire to introduce new folks to kayak fishing. We asked a few of them how they do that.
Summer Playlist
Lets jam out together! We created the ultimate summer playlist with songs suggested by Bending Branches team members, employees, and you. Listen now and suggest your favorite songs below.  
Sea Kayaking Alaska’s Inside Passage: How to Choose a Campsite
Chris Whittaker and Nuka de Jocas are their own main characters in their ongoing story of For Fun’s Sake Expedition. Here we take a look at Episode 8 of their 1,600-km kayak journey: How to choose a campsite along the Alaskan coast.
Wetsuit or Drysuit for Cold Water Kayaking and Canoeing?
When you decide to canoe or kayak on very cold water you need to be protected with either a wetsuit or a drysuit. What’s the difference?