Reader Stories: Kayak Fishing

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Several Bending Branches readers and fans sent in their stories for our 2020 Story Contest. Many of these stories included kayak fishing. 

Here are a couple that were Honorable Mention we want to share with you:

Brandon Meets His Two Half-Brothers Kayak Fishing on the Hooch

By Brandon Wilson of Winder, Georgia

“I grew up in a rural part of West Virginia and didn't get into actually paddling sports ‘til I moved to the Atlanta area in 2015. The Hooch got its hooks in me, haven't been able to shake them since.

“I quickly realized the budget gear wasn't the greatest for regular abuse on the Hooch chasing bass and trout. I quickly ended up with an Angler Ace, and soon after my spare boat got an Angler Classic paddle.

“At the ripe old age of 36 I learned I had two older half brothers. After discussion we decided to finally meet up. The gathering spot was the Hooch, and paddles and kayaks were required. After a day on the Hooch laughs, hazing and memories were forged and forever set.”

brandon wilson and bros

Brandon meets his two half-brothers for the first time during a day of kayak fishing

A Family Fishing Tale

By Brian Lang of New Hampshire

“The pond is on private property, but access is usually granted if you ask. Since my dad's house was across the road, he was in frequent contact with the landowner and got to know the water, which is a portal from the civilized world and into nature.

“The pond was full of bass, both largemouth and smallmouth, and on warm, calm evenings you are just about guaranteed to find some hungry fish. I have always seen a lot of dragonflies here, buzzing around above the water like little drones, and the surface fishing is exceptional.

“We launched after dinner. My father and my son, Ben, were in my dad's canoe, and I was in my fishing kayak. We paddled the periphery of the pond as the sun dropped and the slight breeze disappeared, and we caught some largemouth bass on surface lures and flies around some lily pads right away.

“As the water settled to a calm, mirror-like surface, we fished off the point of an island in deeper water where a strong smallmouth bass attacked my quickly-stripped popper. It was just minutes before complete darkness, and I was fishing my way back toward the landing.

“My father and Ben had pulled the canoe up to the trees already. I was not far behind, but wanted to fish one more spot as it got dark. It was a small cove between two islands, lined with lily pads and punctuated with boulders above and below the surface.

“As I drifted silently into the cove, I rest my paddle on my lap and picked up my fly rod. I worked out some line, and dropped my deer hair popper with a loud "splat" near the far side of the cove. I let it rest a moment until the disturbance settled, hoping a big bass was giving it the eye. Then I gave the fly slow, deliberate strips that made a deep gurgle sound and formed bubbles behind the fly.

“I pulled three times, and then water exploded. With a splash like that of a beaver tail, the line came tight to heavy, strong fish. It didn't jump like bass usually do, but instead dove toward the bottom, pulling hard and moving the kayak through the water. I followed the bass around the bow of the kayak with my rod, careful to keep the line free of obstructions.

kayak fishing story
Brian's bass

“After a few moments I had the fish alongside the boat where I could admire it just a moment and snap a picture before removing the hook and slipping it back into the black water. As I paddled in the darkness to meet up with my family, the mosquitos began their nightly feast, and my bare legs were the first course.

“As I pulled my kayak up on shore and into the blackness of the forest, the bats came out. Silhouetted against the sky, they twisted and turned like tiny fighter jets in a dogfight as they flew overhead.”

Thanks for sending us your stories, Brandon and Brian!

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