What You Need to Get Started Kayak Fishing [Video]

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Are you brand new to kayak fishing? Maybe you just got your first fishing kayak.
Bending Branches’ ProStaffer Gene Jensen covers the gear you need to outfit your new kayak in this video:

4 Must-Haves

1. PFD: Personal Flotation Device—If your kayak has a high back, buy a PFD that has a high back, too. When the padding on the back of your life jacket is above the back of your seat it’s a lot more comfortable. Buy a fishing-specific PFD for lots of extra features.

Not only buy a PFD, but wear it! If you fall out or flip your kayak it can get away from you really fast, especially in waves and wind. Wear that PFD whenever you’re in your kayak. It could save your life one day.

2. Kayak Paddle—Don’t skimp on your kayak paddle! It’s your motor and the most important tool you have. “It can wear you out or it can help you throughout the day.” Gene recommends spending at least $100 on your paddle.

A 230/240 cm paddle is usually a good length for kayak fishing. If your kayak has an adjustable seat, then it’s super convenient to have an adjustable length paddle.

3. Anchor—Tame the wind and drift and use an anchor when you fish. No need to spend a lot of money—a simple one will do just fine.

4. Light Pole with 360º Light—You can make your own or buy one. If you fish on big waters and on water with lots of boat traffic, you have to have one of these for safety. Add a flag to your pole for even more visibility.

Your kayak is a very small boat compared with most of the others ones out there. Be sure you can be seen by other boaters.

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6 Really-Nice-to-Haves

1. Anchor Wizard—The Anchor Wizard is a small tool that keeps your anchor rope in one small space. You let it down and crank it up. No more getting tangled up in anchor rope when you fish.

2. Tackle Storage—To begin with all you need is a simple plastic milk crate to store your tackle boxes. It’s very easy, very affordable and fun to customize. When you’re ready to upgrade, check out YakAttack’s BlackPak. It has a lid, rod holders and lots of storage inside.

3. Rod Holders—You can start by making your own rod holders out of PVC pipes, but it does limit where you can strap them. You can buy rod holders that screw down anywhere on your kayak. They’re more money, but much more convenient and versatile. You’ll want at least two of these.

4. Fish GripsThis nifty tool makes it super handy to grab your fish for measuring, taking pictures and more. You never have to lose a fish again!

5. Waterproof Boxes for your wallet, keys, phone and anything else you don’t want to get wet. Plano makes some of these in various sizes.

6. Net—Gene loves YakAttack’s Leverage Landing Net. It’s collapsible to fit easily in your kayak. When it’s open it has an arm support to help land the big ones.

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You’re set! Get a hold of the first four items on this list, then add the rest as you’re able to. It won’t be long before you’ll have everything you need for successful and fun kayak fishing.

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