Knot Right TV: Kayak Fishing in America’s Backwaters with Chad Hoover

Our friends at Heliconia, FishUSA and Chad Hoover of Kayak Bass Fishing team up to bring anglers Knot Right Kayak Fishing. Each 30-minute episode takes us to a new location for some great fishing.

knot right tv kayak fishing

Along the way, Chad shares tips and tricks with viewers that demonstrate why he’s one of the top names in the industry.

Knot Right is currently in its eighth season, so if you’ve been missing out you can find it on Sportsman Channel.

Kayak Fishing around the US

Chad’s entertaining and down-to-earth style are easy to watch as he and some friends bring viewers along kayak fishing in various places around the US.

Season 8 opens with a fishing trip in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, just three hours down the road from Bending Branches’ headquarters. Season 8 takes you to South Carolina…Cookeville, Tennessee…and Long Branch Lakes in Tennessee.

Unfortunately, past episodes of the show aren’t available for viewing online. So if you’ve missed Knot Right, you can find an abundance of kayak fishing content on Chad's YouTube Channel.

Host Chad Hoover

Chad Hoover is well-known among the Bending Branches community:

“His passion and talent for bass fishing, along with his dynamic personality and desire to share the sport of kayak fishing, has made Chad a leader of the worldwide kayak fishing movement.” (source)

knot right tv host chad hoover
Knot Right TV host, Chad Hoover

Chad is always ready to share his knowledge with others, especially beginning kayak anglers. We’ve shared a number of his instructional videos on the Bending Branches blog that you can find by clicking here.

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