Kayak Fishing’s Best Fishing Knot

Moo Lee kayak fishing

Moo Lee of MooMoo Outdoors (photo courtesy of Moo Lee)

Bending Branches’ Regional Ambassador, Moo Lee, is well known in his native northern California through his YouTube Channel, MooMoo Outdoors. In this extremely helpful video he explains the Uni Knot—his vote for best fishing knot:

“Uni Knot is the best knot for beginners since it's such a versatile knot. A beginner doesn't have to learn many different knots,” said Moo.

The Uni Knot is such a valuable knot because you can use it in multiple applications:

  • Tie a hook
  • Tie a swivel
  • Connect different types of fishing line together
  • Spool your reel

Tying the Uni Knot on a Hook or Swivel

Whether you use a hook or a swivel, thread the end of your line through the eye. Pull it through a few inches and pinch both sections between your thumb and forefinger. Make a loop, which you’ll pinch down as well. Then wrap it several times. Pull on the tag end, wet it, then cinch it down all the way to the eye of the hook or swivel.

tying the uni knot on a fishing hook

Anywhere from 4-10 wraps works for the Uni Knot, depending on the thickness of your line. The thinner the line, the more wraps you’ll want. Thicker line requires fewer wraps.

You can also use the Uni Knot on the shank of the hook if you need to. Wrap it 6-8 times, cinch it down with the main line and tighten it up.

Tying Different Lines Together With the Uni Knot

It’s easy to tie two different types of fishing line together with the Uni Knot. You can tie braid to mono, mono to fluoro or braid to fluoro. The number of times you wrap it, again, depends on the thickness of your line. With thinner line you’ll want to wrap it more and with thicker line, fewer times is fine.

tying line to line using the uni knot

“Uni knot really shines when connecting the same type of fishing line—mono to mono, braid to braid, flouro to flouro,” said Moo.

This way when your line starts to wear, you don’t have to re-spool the whole line. This is especially nice with braided line, which can be pricey.

The Uni Knot works very well for spooling your reels, too. Moo demonstrates spooling both a baitcasting and spinning reel in the video.

tying line to a bait caster with the uni knot

Moo wraps it up: “With one knot you can do so much. That’s why I think it’s the best fishing knot. Maybe it’s not the strongest (although it IS strong), but you can do so much with it. Go enjoy the outdoors!”

You can follow Moo’s YouTube Channel, MooMoo Outdoors, here. You’ll also find him on Instagram.

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