Bending Branches Readers Share Their Kayak Fishing Stories

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Many of the stories we received from our readers for our 2020 Story Contest were about their kayak fishing adventures. We want to share a few of those with you here…

My Paddle Saved the Day

by Blaine Upton (Lake Guntersville, Alabama)

I was fortunate enough to qualify for the 2020 National Championship on Lake Guntersville, Alabama last year. During the couple of days leading up towards the tournament, I had found some fish on the edge of a mat of vegetation. Being the user of a trolling motor, I headed to my vegetation tournament morning and received a nasty surprise when a clump of eel grass clogged my motor as I eased to the mat.

I knew what had to happen—I pulled the Bending Branches Angler Ace out of my paddle holder and went to work, paddling about 50 yards into the mat and beginning to make casts with a hollow-bodied frog. To my delight, on the second cast a giant bass SLAMMED my frog. Hooked up, I used my paddle to work my way to, and land the 21" big girl who was stuck DEEP in the muck and grass.

My Bending Branches paddle secured me the "Golden Hour" bass for the National Championship and a check! I will never recommend a different brand to anybody! The lightweight and ergonomic design is a dream for any kayak angler!

blaine upton fish story

Blaine Upton with his “Golden Hour” bass

Kayak Fishing Treasure Hunts

by Becky Crook (North Augusta, South Carolina)

“I frequently go kayaking with the intention of fishing, yet it turns into a clean up adventure almost every time. I carry a trash bag or two just for this purpose. Oh, the treasures I find! I pull a lot of fishing line from the banks of the waterways and to me, this is treasure hunting in its finest. You never know what hooks and or lures you will discover. Finders Keepers, losers weepers, right?

“My favorite discovery along one of our Central Savannah River District Canal trails was gathering up some fishing line and finding an entire, intact fishing pole at the end. Some poor soul must have hung it up in the brush and lost it out of their boat. Fortunately for them, it was not an expensive pole and could easily be replaced at the local Walmart. For me, it was a prize for my efforts of keeping our waterways clean and safer for animals and fellow kayakers.”

Kayak Fishing Togetherness

by Alex Juckett (Houma, Louisiana)

I have been an avid fisherman my whole life, typically fishing tournaments with my dad or brother around Louisiana. However, in 2018 I purchased my first kayak, a Bonafide SS-127, and have never looked back! I now compete in the KBF Challenge Series. 2021 will be the first year I'll compete in the entire season. So hopefully there are some BIG things coming.

However, my favorite part is that I was able to also get my wife a Bonafide SS-107 so that she can enjoy fishing with me as well. Maybe eventually get her to fish in some tournaments with me! Sharing the water with her has been some of my fondest memories! I look forward to many more days on the water together!

alex juckett fish story

Here is a pic of her in her favorite redfish hole in Cocodrie, LA. Then a picture of me proving my "Guaranteed to Catch 1" fishing hole! Cheers and Happy Fishing!

Landing THE Big One

By Jody Cussins (Hiltons, Virginia)

A couple of fishing buddies and I hit one of our favorite local river floats and were having a decent day on the river. We had landed several smallmouth in the 14" to 17" range when I tossed a shallow running crankbait over next to a small bush and the water just exploded!

When I set the hook it felt like I hit a log! It didn't move! Then the fish started to run and pull my 13-1/2 foot kayak like it was nothing!

After a couple minutes I saw it roll up and realized I had hooked into a huge largemouth, not a smallie! I didn't know how big this thing was until after I got it in my small net and tried to lift it out of the water.

One of my buddies had been close enough to see the fight and I think he was just as excited as I was! We weighed and measured the beast and it was my PB largemouth that I've ever caught out of any river, weighing in at 6.75 lb. and 24' long!

jody cussins fish story

Talk about a true river adventure! This is one I'll remember for many years, and I know my fishing buddies will do the same!

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