Angler Pro: Cosmetic Second Review

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Bending Branches’ ProStaff team member, Chris Funk, already loved our Angler Pro Fiberglass kayak fishing paddles. Earlier this year he decided to take a chance and buy one of these paddles with a cosmetic blemish.

After putting on a few hundred miles with this new paddle, here’s what Chris had to say about it:

What’s a “Cosmetic Second” Paddle?

Our Angler Pro Fiberglass kayak fishing paddle blades are handcrafted using a detailed, fastidious process. As experienced and careful as our team is, occasionally a blade will go through the process with one or more cosmetic blemishes.

These are minor imperfections that don’t affect the blade’s performance, but they don’t pass muster with our quality assurance team. It might be the resin has bubbled a little, or the silk fabric we use moved slightly during the molding process. It could be a scratch or a scuff mark.

Rather than tossing these paddle blades out, we sell our cosmetic blemish models at a discount. We call them “Cosmetic Seconds.” They sell for 20% off the full price.

Chris Funk’s Conclusion about His Cosmetic Second Paddle

In his video, Chris reviews his cosmetic second in our newest blade design, Copperhead.

“I believe the Bending Branches Angler Pro is simply the greatest paddling accessory known to man. It’s changed my paddling through the years,” said Chris.

In looking at the two blades of his Copperhead paddle, Chris says, “You’d have to have a Branches’ degree to find the actual cosmetic blem. I don’t know that I’ve found it!”

(NOTE: Some of the blemishes are more pronounced than others. You may or may not be able to find the ones in a cosmetic second you buy.)

“If you’re on the fence about stepping up to the Angler Pro, I would say, give the cosmetic second a try. It’s first quality in everything else, other than there’s something here the inspectors saw that they didn’t like. I’d recommend it whole-heartedly.”

Angler Pro paddle blade in Glowtek, in the water

(photo courtesy of Chris Funk)

As Chris says, these paddles aren’t cheap, and money is tight for everyone these days. So if you can save yourself $65-90 and still get our highest-performing kayak fishing paddle, that may be a good option for you.

His other Angler Pros (the one shown in the video is our Raptor design, the one in the photo above is Glowtek) have also seen many hundreds of miles. They’ve served him faithfully in all his kayak fishing excursions.

How to Order a Cosmetic Second Angler Pro Paddle

First, take a look at our Cosmetic Seconds landing page for all the details. We want you to know the whole story before you make a decision. Still have questions? See: Cosmetic Seconds FAQs.

Next, understand these Cosmetic Seconds are only available with our Angler Pro Fiberglass and Carbon models. These are the blades made with this specific handcrafted process. And they’re not always available—only when there’s blemished stock on hand.

Click here to see our Cosmetic Seconds.

Follow Chris on his YouTube channel, The Feral One.

Do you have paddle questions our friendly Customer Service Team can help you with today? Contact them: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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