YouTube Kayak Fishing Channels for Angling Tips & Tricks

Several of the anglers on our Bending Branches ProStaff team have YouTube channels focused on helping you become a better kayak angler.

Here’s our line-up of suggested YouTube sources for you:

Gene Jensen—Flukemaster


Gene Jensen has been helping his 375,000 subscribers kayak fish successfully since 2008. His YouTube channel Flukemaster is loaded with how-to videos for all ages.

Since his dad was the one who gave him a deep appreciation for the outdoors and taught him how to fish, Gene is especially committed to helping kids who don’t have someone like that in their own lives.

Chad Hoover—Kayak Bass Fishing


Chad Hoover says, “In a chaotic world [kayak fishing is] a back to nature, back to the basics mental cleanse. You just get to get out there and flush all that stuff that’s built up. It enables me to deal with things better.”

His 88,200 subscribers agree, and follow his YouTube channel Kayak Bass Fishing for tons of advice and tips about fishing from a kayak.

Jameson Redding & Brooks Beatty—JK Media House


Jameson Redding and Brooks Beatty are two of the kayak anglers behind Jackson Kayak’s YouTube channel, Jackson Kayak.

Their 14,900 subscribers enjoy a regular dose of how-to and kayak fishing destination videos for education and inspiration.

Drew Gregory—Hooked on Wild Waters


On his YouTube channel Hooked on Wild Waters, Drew Gregory takes on product and gear options, conservation, training up the next generation and more for his 11,700 subscribers.

Watch all five seasons as he gets “anglers pumped up about kayak fishing in the most unique places on the planet. Kayaks can literally go anywhere and catch anything which makes them the perfect tool for accessing these places.”

Chris Funk—The Ferel One


Chris has a more casual approach to his YouTube channel, The Ferel One:

“My channel is a way to share some fun adventures and hopefully help some folks along the way. I want to be as real as possible…I am no pro, I buy my own gear, put on my britches one leg at a time and struggle just like everyone else. If you smile or learn a bit, then this channel did its job and I am thankful for that opportunity.”

For kayak angling inspiration and lots of tips, join his 3,300 subscribers on YouTube.

That’s a wrap for now. Bookmark these YouTube channels, or better yet, subscribe for all the tips, tricks and encouragement you’ll need to get out on the water!

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