Top 5 Tips for Creating Awesome Videos

Canoe There is a “creative media and marketing outfitter.” They recently visited Bending Branches’ headquarters in Osceola, Wisconsin for a photo and video shoot. Here they give us their top 5 tips for creating awesome videos…

Producing great videos is one of those oh-so rewarding ventures because you can see a final, tangible product for your efforts.

To take some of the mystery out of the process, Canoe There’s Ryan Borts shares his top five tips with us…

1. Story

Far too often people focus on the bells and whistles—cameras, lenses, lights, drones, gimbals (pivoting supports for cameras). But we've seen good videos shot on an iPhone and bad videos shot on a cinema camera.

An expensive camera doesn't make a good story—a good story makes a good story. If you can identify a compelling story and tell it well, you'll be able to capture the attention of your viewers and connect with them regardless of the equipment you use.

A good story communicates an experience and has a sense of purpose, whether it’s grand or subtle.

For example:

2. Music

Next to the story, music is so, so important. It shapes how a viewer feels about the footage they’re seeing.

We recommend selecting music prior to recording. That way you can shoot in a style that fits the music instead of trying to find music that fits your footage.

And try to edit to the music. Look for opportunities to cut on the beat for effect. Experiment with using more than one music track if there’s a shift in tone in your story.

Last Call is a good example of a film that has effective cuts and uses multiple music tracks.

(NOTE: Be aware of copyright laws! All published music is protected intellectual property. This article is a great primer: How to Legally Use Copyrighted Music in Your Marketing Video)

3. Sound

Sound production is an often overlooked aspect of video production. Birds whistling. Wind blowing through the trees. Boots digging into the dirt. Water dripping off the blade of a paddle. These natural sounds enhance the visual experience.

To create a video that immerses your viewers in an experience, focus more on sound production.

We love the natural sound in Time and the River.

4. Editing

Our best advice is to keep it simple. Use straight cut transitions (we hardly use anything else), and let your footage shine.

It's also worth noting you don't need professional software to create a great video. There's lot of good free editing software out there. Just do a quick Google search.

5. Camera

If you're looking for your first camera, look no further than your pocket. Most smartphones have great cameras, and they're never far away. You never know when a great shot might present itself. Our phones allow us to capture more of those moments.

If you want to dive deeper into video production, GoPros and DSLR cameras are great options to explore.

Thanks to Ryan and the Canoe There team!

Creating videos has never been easier. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to go give it a try, or to take your video work to the next level!

To connect with Canoe There, visit them on their website, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

(All photos courtesy of Canoe There)

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