Stand-Up Paddle Sizing Guide

sizing a standup paddle

Like any paddle sport, choosing the correct length for your stand-up paddle will make your paddling easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.

How to Choose Your Stand-Up Paddle

The length you choose should depend on the style of paddling you plan to do. As a general guide, your paddle’s length should equal your height plus a few more inches, according to your activity:

  • Flatwater/recreational SUP—Add 8-10 inches beyond your height
  • SUP surfing—Add just 6-8 inches
  • SUP racing—Add 10-12 inches

See the diagram below:

Get Started on the Water

The best way to get off to a great start paddle boarding is to either have an experienced friend take you out and show you, or sign up for a local class or lessons.

Parks & Recreation departments, state DNRs, paddle retailers, community education and paddling non-profits all may be sources of formal courses.

If you decide to simply rent a board and give it a go, here are some simple tips to get started successfully:

  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart near the center of the board.
  • Bend your knees slightly
  • Hold your paddle the right way—the bent blade (where the brand logo is) should face forward
  • Use your core for powering each stroke

Bending Branches' Stand-Up Paddles

Bending Branches makes two stand-up paddles: the Amp and the Balance.

Both Amp and Balance have a 100% carbon shaft that’s ultra-light and durable. Both are available in either as 1-piece fixed length (available in 9 different lengths in 2-inch increments) or 2-piece adjustable-length (70-80 inches or 76-86 inches, with snap-button holes at 2-inch increments).

Each paddle’s grip is a wood asymmetric palm/t-grip blend that’s super comfortable on your hand.

Both Amp and Balance paddles have a gorgeous all-wood blade handmade of red alder, basswood and roasted basswood. The blade has a fiberglass protective coating and our full Rockgard® protection along the edges.

The Amp’s blade is a beefy 100 square inches, giving you plenty of torque with each stroke.

bending branches amp standup paddle

The Balance’s blade is a smaller 85 square inches, making it a great choice for the high-cadence, serious paddle boarder.

bending branches balance standup paddle

Both paddles are priced at $284.95, no matter which model you choose.

For more questions about sizing a stand-up paddle or about our paddles, contact our Wisconsin-based Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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