Solo Canoe Trip in Kawartha Highlands, Canada

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Getting the coffee going at the campsite

Jason Eke of Trailguide Pictures spent several days on a solo canoe trip in Kawartha Highlands, a provincial park just north of Toronto, Canada.

Jason took four days to canoe the Serpentine Loop in the park. That time frame allowed plenty of time to enjoy and explore this beautiful wilderness area.

This video covers the last day of his canoe trip:

This was Jason’s first visit in Kawartha Highlands. “I’m really pleased with the area and am glad I came out. There’s just so much beauty here, the falls colors would make it spectacular.”

He left from access point #5 for the Serpentine Loop in early September. This time of year the days can still be quite warm while the nights are getting colder.

Being quite close to Toronto, Jason ran into a fair bit of “traffic” for the first lake or two. Several cottages, a few motor boats and other canoeists were common. The deeper he got into the park the fewer people he saw.

Among Jason’s gear was an itinerary he wrote up with what his plans for mileage each day, the portages lengths and locations, where the campsites were and even what meals he had planned.

There are videos documenting Jason’s first three days, too. They’re all slightly under an hour each: Day 1Day 2Day 3

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One of the wonderful things about canoe trips—all the campsites are lakeside!

About Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park

“Kawartha Highlands is a semi-wilderness destination only a short distance from major population centres with backcountry campsites accessible by canoe. The park is situated along the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, and features a rugged rolling landscape of small lakes, wetlands, forests and rocky barrens. The park accommodates a wide range of camping skills from beginner to advanced on six canoe routes.” (

It’s just an hour from Toronto which makes it very accessible to millions of Canadians as well as Americans.

Unlike more remote provincial parks, the portages and campsites in Kawartha Highlands are marked with signage. The portage signs include the distance and the two lakes that portage connects.

The park has six canoe routes that range from easy to difficult. There are over 100 campsites available along those routes. Camping is only allowed in these sites.

The campsites are numbered and reservable up to five months in advance. Because the park is close to high population centers, you’ll want to reserve your campsite(s) ahead of time, especially during the busy summer season. Find info about maps and reservations here.

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Jason Eke of Trailguide Pictures

See more from Jason and Trailguide Pictures here.

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