Retailer Spotlight: Appomattox River Company

Appomattox River Co

Appomattox River Company’s Specialties

“We employ a small staff of specialists in all branches of paddlesports. From kayak fishing to whitewater kayaking to canoeing to stand-up paddle boarding, we have someone at each of our three locations who can help you find the right paddle craft for your next adventure.” (from their website)

Appomattox is known for having anything and everything you could want for paddling. Not just a certain model of a fishing kayak—but every color choice in that model!

They also believe in having the best customer service around. Their staff is dedicated to treating each customer as an individual, fitting them with the right boat and gear for them.

A Family Business

Appomattox was founded and is still owned by canoeist and whitewater kayaker, Bob Taylor. The original store in Farmville, Virginia remains their headquarters, and has grown to two huge warehouses that hold thousands of boats. They expanded to Hampton and Ashland, Virginia as well.

appomattox river co bob taylor

Operations Manager, Brian Vincent (who graciously provided an interview for this post) is Bob’s son-in-law. His wife, Bob’s youngest daughter, has been a professional whitewater kayaker. And they’re raising their young daughters to be paddlers, too. A favorite family activity of theirs is canoe trips on the James River.

canoeing family

So Appomattox River Co. has a strong generational foundation that supports its retail prominence.

Active Community Involvement

The folks at Appomattox River Company have made it their business to be an active member of their community beyond being a retailer:

  • They’re a big supporter of local Heroes on the Water chapters, outfitting them with boats and gear for their various events.
  • They support the James River Association, an organization dedicated to the health of Virginia’s largest river, and what’s known as the founding river of our nation.
  • They host a water quality testing facility right in their shop for regular testing of the Appomattox River.
  • They support several local grassroots groups, both environmental and paddling.
  • They sponsor local whitewater kayaking events, like the popular Goshen Pass Race.
  • They sponsor numerous kayak fishing tournaments, teaming up with YakAttack and others to benefit groups like Heroes and Project Healing Waters.

Appomattox and Bending Branches

Appomattox has partnered with Bending Branches since the early 80s—almost from their beginning—to outfit their customers with top-quality paddles to go along with their boats. Starting with our wooden canoe paddles, they’ve added our kayak fishing paddle line over the years, as well.

canoeing family

We’re proud to team up with Appomattox, with their dedication to their customers and the paddling world in general.

To connect with Appomattox River Company online you can visit their website. They’re active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, too.

Our Wisconsin-based customer service team is happy to answer your paddle questions. Contact them today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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