Holiday Gift Guide for Kayak Anglers & Canoeists

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If you’re making a list and checking it twice, we’re here to give you some holiday gift ideas. We have lots of friends in the paddle industry we’re happy to recommend, as well as some gear of our own that your family and friends will love.

 man standing in fishing kayak, fishing

(photo by Open Road Visuals)

We’ll start with gift ideas for the kayak anglers in your life…

Holiday Gifts for Kayak Anglers


Bonafide (North Carolina, US) makes top-rated sit-on-top fishing kayaks that include their pedal-driven P127 and the 12’7” SS127, Sit/Stand. You’ll spend from $1,000-3,100 depending on the model and features. Find a Bonafide dealer near you with their Dealer Locator map tool.

Native Watercraft (North Carolina, and part of the Bonafide family) developed its proprietary Propel Pedal Drive system with industry-leading innovation. The Slayer Propel Kayak family has been one of their most popular designs over the years. They also offer their FX hybrid kayak/canoe models. Prices start at $999. Find a Dealer here.

 man fishing in a Native Watercraft kayak

Native Watercraft fishing kayak (photo by Open Road Visuals)

Crescent Kayaks (Georgia, US) makes affordable fishing kayaks for both newbies and experienced anglers from between $849 and $1,599. They also have their SUP+ paddleboard-kayak hybrid that’s suitable for fishing for $999. Find a Dealer at the footer of their website or order directly through them.
Old Town (Maine, US) has been building quality paddle-driven boats for over a hundred years. They have a wide selection of sit inside, sit-on-top and their Discover Solo 119 canoe-kayak hybrid. Expect to pay from $699 on the low end up to $2,499 for their Topwater 120 pedal model. You can order directly from the website or find a local option by going to any product page.

Jackson Kayak (Tennessee, US) rates each of their fishing kayaks on how they’re designed for various water environments: small lakes and ponds, river, inshore saltwater and open water/big lakes. You’ll pay from $1,099 to $4,999 depending on whether paddle or pedal-driven, and the features they offer. Find a local dealer on each product page.

 man lifting up a big fish from a Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak fishing kayak

Vibe (Georgia, US) makes several models of fishing kayaks plus a SUP-kayak hybrid, from $649 to their top-of-the-line Shearwater 125 at $1,699. Buy in November 2022 for some great advertised specials. Find one locally by using their Dealer Locator tool, or order directly from Vibe’s website.


You’ll find lots of options for gifts from the manufacturers below, including for stocking stuffers or dice games:

YakAttack (Virginia, US) specializes in kayak fishing accessories of all kinds. Their best sellers include the RotoGrip Paddle Holders, VISIFlag series, MightyMount II, tie downs and more. Shop on the site or at a local dealer.

YakAttack's BlackPak in a fishing kayak 

A YakAttack BlackPak (photo by Open Road Visuals)

Crescent Kayaks (Georgia, US)—Besides boats, Crescent sells plenty of fishing accessories from cam straps to mounts to bow covers to gear tracks. Order directly from the website or go to the footer to find a dealer.

RAM Mounts (Washington, US) manufactures specilized mounts for fishfinders, rods, cameras and phones. They also offer track mounting systems, extension poles and other handy devices to make life on the water easier. See their Kayak Catalog here.

Old Town (Maine, US) offers a few models of angler-specific PFDs (life jackets). They also offer a wide variety of fishing accessories, including a kayak cart, paddle/rod clips, tackle boxes and more. Buy from their website or a local retailer.

Vibe (Georgia, US) offers a variety of fishing accessories including crates, rod holders, tools, tackle storage, seats and PFDs. Pick them up at a local dealer or right from the website.


Bending Branches (Wisconsin, US) is the leader in kayak fishing paddle manufacturing for innovation, value and performance. From the very-affordable and brand new Angler Drift at $119.95 to the award-winning AnglerPro ($324.95-$449.95) there’s a paddle for every angler. Order from our website or use our Dealer Locator tool to check out your local options.

 AnglerPro kayak fishing paddle blade in Glowtek

Bending Branches’ AnglerPro Fiberglass in Glowtek (photo by Mat Willder)


St Croix Rod (Wisconsin, US) crafts a variety of specialized fishing rods, including for kayak angling and species-specific rods. Even the most discerning angler will be happy with a St. Croix Rod. Prices range from $100-$300. Shop online or at a local dealer. Or if you’re not far from Park Falls, Wisconsin, take a field trip to visit their Factory Store.

Bonafide (North Carolina, US) is just releasing its series of Boss Bass fishing rods in November 2022 for a retail price of $379.99. Check their web page for more details.

Holiday Gifts for Canoeists

Here are some ideas for the canoeists on your gift list:


Wenonah (Minnesota, US) builds several models of tandem, solo and racing canoes. They’re available in a variety of materials, weights and lengths. Prices start around $2,200 and go up to $4,600. Find a dealer in North American or in one of a dozen countries around the world.

man paddling in bow of Wenonah canoe

Wenonah canoe (photo courtesy of Levi Montilla)

Esquif (Quebec, Canada) builds a variety of touring, whitewater and hunting/fishing canoes with their proprietary and extremely durable T-Formex material. Available in several designs, colors and lengths. Priced between $1,399 and $2,490 USD. Find a dealer in the US, Canada or Europe.

Swift (Ontario, Canada) is well-known for its tandem, solo and river canoes. Like the others, they make many different models with a variety of lengths, designs and materials. They range in price from $3,000 to $4,600 USD. Swift canoes are sold by dealers in Canada, the US and Europe. You can also order from them directly.

 two men paddling a swift canoe

Swift canoe (photo courtesy of Paddle TV)

Hornbeck Boats (New York, US) hand-builds each of their ultra-light pack canoes with just two basic designs. They include kayak-like features and are designed to be used with a double-bladed paddle. They offer a wide range of lengths and prices, from $995-$3,095. Sales are only through their website or their store in New York.

Gatz-Kanus (Germany) has been a top canoe maker in Europe since 1962. They craft solo, tandem, and up to 3 and 4-person boats from many different materials and for many different uses. Prices start at 960€ and go up to in the mid 3.000€. They sell direct and through dealers.

Northstar Canoes (Minnesota, US) makes solo and tandem canoes of various lengths and with your choice of three different ultra-light materials. They’re sold through retailers throughout the US, as well as in Ontario, Finland and the UK. Prices range from about $1,600 to $3,500 USD.

Nova Craft Canoe (Ontario, Canada) builds four different canoe models in multiple lengths, materials and colors for both solo and tandem use. They have the widest color selection on our list. Prices range from about $1,050 to $3,800 USD. They’re available from dealers in Canada, the US and parts of Europe.

woman at the bow of a Nova Craft canoe 

Nova Craft canoe (photo courtesy of @gabesimages)

Old Town (Maine, US) builds three types of canoes with several options of length and color for each type. You’ll notice these are more affordable than most of the other canoe makers—keep in mind, they’re also heavier due to the materials used. Prices range from $760 to $1,900. You can order directly from the website or find a local dealer (listed on the product pages).


Duluth Pack (Minnesota, US) The oldest company on our list, Duluth Pack canoe packs have been on the water since 1882. These tough-as-nails weatherproof canvas canoe packs come in all sizes, designed for a variety of purposes. They also have many handy canoe accessories. Packs range in price from $240-$660. Order from the website or visit their flagship store in Duluth, Minnesota.

Cooke Custom Sewing (Minnesota, US) offers a variety of hand-crafted colorful and weatherproof nylon canoe packs, tarps, stuff sacks and handy accessories of all kinds. Prices from $22-$550. You can order directly from the website or buy through a local retailer (a Google search will help you find the one closest to you).

Gatz-Kanus (Germany) sells a wide range of canoeing accessories from paddles to spraycovers to seats to drybags. They also carry paddling-specific apparel and PFDs. Prices vary. Order directly from the website or at a local retailer.


Bending Branches (Wisconsin, US) canoe paddles are hand crafted one-by-one and used around the world. The wood paddles are built with a blend of woods for durability, light weight and beauty. They also offer a couple ultra-lite carbon models. There’s a paddle for every budget, from the $79.95 Twig for kids to the $279 Black Pearl 11. You can order directly from the website or use the Dealer Locator tool to find a retailer near you.

 7 Bending Branches wood canoe paddles against a huge log

Some of Branches' canoe paddles (photo courtesy of Martin Trahan)

Take a peek at our Branches’ Apparel Shop, too. We have new designs scheduled to arrive by Christmas—or grab a deal on our current stock for your favorite kayak anglers and canoeists.

 red tee, olive green cap, gray hoodie

A sampling of 2023 Bending Branches apparel

Bending Branches was featured in the Holiday Gift Guide for Twin Cities Outdoors, a Minnesota blog. Check out these independent outdoor businesses, too, especially if you live near the Minneapolis area. Click here to download the PDF Guide.

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