Black Pearl Straight: High-Performance Canoe Paddle for Seasoned Paddlers

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We’re pleased to announce our brand-new Black Pearl ST high-performance canoe paddle. Joining its partner, the Black Pearl II bent shaft, this new straight shaft model provides almost weightless durability for all your flatwater expeditions.

Paul Villecourt paddling. Image shot from back right of the canoe. Black Pearl paddle pushing through the water effortlessly.

The brand-new Black Pearl ST full-carbon canoe paddle (photo courtesy of Paul Villecourt)

We’ve spent months perfecting this combination of traditional durability with high-performance materials in a straight shaft model. It’s another result of our lean forward mindset, always seeking better solutions for you, the canoeist on the water.

Black Pearl ST offers the weight savings of a full-carbon paddle along with our Edgegard blade protection. The combination of toughness and light weight makes it an ideal paddle for long-distance flatwater and Class I and II river trips. It provides the maneuverability youll need in tight spots, fast water and quick turns.

Black Pearl Straight running horizontally


Weighing just 16 ounces, the sleek Black Pearl ST is easy on your body, enabling you to paddle many hours without the fatigue of a heavier paddle. That ultra-light weight will make your long portages and other transports easier, too, when every ounce makes a difference.

Black Pearl ST Blade

Black Pearl ST’s blade is handmade of foam core carbon. The edges and tip of the blade are reinforced with our proprietary nylon-weave Edgegard that seals the carbon and prolongs the life of your paddle. It features 105 square inches of surface area for a strong pull through the water.


Black Pearl Straight blade with water droplets running off

The design of this blade has undergone a series of stringent tests to be sure it’ll hold up under the stress of all your flatwater and light river environments.

Black Pearl ST Shaft and Grip

Black Pearl ST’s shaft is 100% carbon. It’s been thoroughly tested as well, to ensure the right amount of flex balanced with the right amount of strength.

Close up of the t-grip on the Black Pearl Straight shaft

The grip is our Freestyle Palm Grip for the ultimate in both comfort and control. It, too, is constructed from 100% carbon.

Who is Black Pearl ST For?

Black Pearl ST is being introduced at $254.95, a very competitive price point for the value and longevity you’ll receive. It’s available in lengths from 52 to 60 inches, in two-inch increments.

It’s ideal for seasoned canoeists and anyone else who wishes to use a feather-weight straight shaft canoe paddle they can trust for long days and even weeks on the water.

Bow shot of a canoe with the Black Pearl Straight laying across the front

The Black Pearl ST is ready to join you on your next canoeing expedition (photo courtesy of Paul Villecourt)


What paddle questions can we help you with today? Get in touch with our Wisconsin-based Customer Service Team: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]


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