Our Best-Selling BB Special Canoe Paddle

canoeist using the BB Special canoe paddle

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Bending Branches’ BB Special bent shaft paddle—our best selling wood canoe paddle—is designed for flatwater cruising. It provides great quality at a great value.

Here’s what a couple BB Special users said on Amazon:

BB Special customer review

BB special canoe paddle review

Our BB Special Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle Specs

The BB Special is one of our most affordable wood canoe paddles, but that doesn’t mean it’s built with any less care and craftsmanship than our higher-end paddles. Let’s take a look at a few of the specs:

  • The shaft is made from 18-laminate basswood and has an 11º bend just above the blade. This makes it extremely efficient for paddling long distances with less fatigue.
  • The blade is a beautiful blend of basswood, red alder and maple. It’s surface area of 118 square inches pulls plenty of water with each stroke.
  • It’s tipped with our patented Rockgard protection.
  • The classic palm grip is ultra-comfortable.
  • It comes in lengths of 48-56 inches, in 2-inch increments. For details on how to size a bent shaft paddle, click here.
  • It weighs just 22 ounces.

BB Special Customer Testimonials

We’re honored by good reviews of happy customers. Ryan F. wrote a very nice one on canoeing.com for the BB Special. Here are some excerpts:

“When it arrived my first impression was: I can’t USE this, this should be on the wall! The wood work is extraordinary. The fit and finish is immaculate. The poly coating is 100% baby smooth everywhere, with zero bubbles, nicks, chips, or anything…It is truly a decoration grade paddle…

“After putting 10 miles on my paddle, I immediately ordered a 50″ BB Special for my wife. Once the 50 came in, I immediately looked over the fit and finish, skeptical of another paddle so perfect. Yet, the second paddle was every bit as naturally beautiful as the first. Truly immaculate attention detail and the word perfection is all that can describe it. Once both my wife and I had these paddles, our trips became something on a new level…They transformed our time on the water.”

Thanks, Ryan! Your time on the water is what it’s all about.

bending branches' bb special wood canoe paddle

A paddling.com reviewer had this to say:

bb special wood canoe paddle review

The BB Special is a very affordable $109.95 USD, perfect for the everyday canoeist. Each paddle is made to order, handcrafted in our Osceola, Wisconsin factory.

To order yours click here or check your local paddlesports retailer.

What questions can we answer about the BB Special or our other wood canoe paddles? Contact our friendly Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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