'Capt. Wade'
Current city
San Diego, California
Favorite paddle
Angler Pro Kayak Fishing Paddle
Favorite fishing spot
Lake Erie, Canada • The Keys, Florida • La Jolla, California
Capt. Wade was born and raised fishing on the Great Lakes of Canada. After moving to New Jersey and transitioning from fresh water, Capt. Wade’s father Chuck began showing him the Salt water ropes on the Atlantic Ocean. Capt. Wade changed ports again to Miami Florida, where he really started to refine catching big game like larger model bull and hammerhead sharks. He also began a full on assault of the reefs & wrecks in search of kings, cudas, groupers, snappers and all the numerous and delicious species the Gulf has to offer up. After many salty excursions, Chuck finally gave his son his “hand me down” kayak, and the rest is history. Capt. Wade can be found almost every day in and around Baja Mexico & Southern California’s waters, searching for his #1 favorite exotic: the elusive white seabass (aka the King Croaker). Make room for Wade’s sled, drawing serious wakes from trophy fish such as the homeguard mossbacks (yellowtail) and thresher sharks that he frequently targets.
Kayak Fishing to Wade, is the ultimate personal outdoor experience, no matter the days catch. Being able to just get away and completely remove himself from all the city sounds and being off the coast meditating in his plastic wonderland, is what Wade truly enjoys about this sport. Fishing off a kayak is the only way for him now. Interacting with Sea life and natures beauty in all its glory; Whales, Dolphin, (& the occasional Exotic Sport fish!) Please support Catch & Release of the BIG ones.
• 4thPlace W.C.W. West Coast Whoppers Tournament (JAN-DEC /2010)
• Largest Pacific Kayak Yellowtail W.C.W. (2010)
• San Diego Guide Services / Targeting: Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, Halibut, Shark(s)
• 2012-2013 Sponsors: Bending Branches, Scheyden Precision Eyewear, Z-Man Fishing, Hobie Cat, Oceanside Dive & Kayak Center, Buff