Tyler Thiede's 6.5lb Wisconsin Largemouth
Tyler Thiede
Small Craft Fisherman
Richland Center, WI
Current city
Spring Valley, WI
Favorite paddle
Bending Branches Angler Pro
Favorite fishing spot
Any water untouched by bass boats
Favorite paddling spot
Mississippi Backwaters - Pool 4
Tyler is a Wisconsin native currently residing in beautiful Western Wisconsin with his wife and children. Tyler is an avid kayak angler, participating in online Kayak Bass Fishing/TourneyX tournaments. He also shares his experiences through his blog, Small Craft Fisherman. He loves to share his passion of kayak fishing with others, teach others, and watch them succeed. Thus, he and his wife decided to start a new kayak fishing guide and sales business in Western Wisconsin called Small Craft Outfitters. Feel free to reach out to him via his guide page, blog, or associated social media accounts.
-Owner/Founder/Guide - Small Craft Outfitters LLC (www.smallcraftoutfitters.com)
-Founder/Writer - Small Craft Fisherman (www.smallcraftfisherman.com)
-FeelFree Kayak Fishing Team member
-ProStaff Team member for JBs Fish Sauce, James Gang Fishing Company, Ardent Reels, and McCain Rods
-Licensed Wisconsin fishing guide
-Kayak Bass Fishing member and online tournament angler