Vinton, Iowa
Favorite paddle
Angler Ace
Favorite fishing spot
Cedar River
Favorite paddling spot
Upper Iowa River
I grew up in the Cedar River Valley and always had a strong interest for fishing. My parents promoted my enthusiasm for the outdoors at a very early age. My dad bought my first kayak when I was a little kid and I spent many hours paddling on the family pond. It didn't take long before I was trying to take my fishing pole out on the water too. Years and many kayaks later I finally got a fishing kayak. The sit-on-top style kayak opened my eyes to a new world of kayak fishing. I now kayak fish as much as I possibly can. I'm very fortunate to live in an area with many great places to paddle and explore. Eastern Iowa has a lot great places to catch big fish. Trophy fish propel me and as a rule, I always practice catch, photograph, release. I mostly target northern pike, bass, walleye, and panfish. I love sharing about kayak fishing and love taking others fishing! Catch ya on the water! Get outside!
Jackson Kayak Regional Fishing Team

Sweets Marsh Bass Bash 1st Place