Simon Quigg
Simon Quigg
Rochester, MN
Current city
Osceola, WI
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Being the outdoors junkie that I am, I would really need to be a blockhead to pass up the opportunity to work at the company of my dreams. I am currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout studying Engineering Technology with a concentration in Plastics with high hopes of graduation in the Fall of 2019. If you don’t catch me at my desk or out on the production floor, you can usually find me outside or slacking off at the gym.

My love of the outdoors stems from my 12 years of scouting experience, from canoeing and kayaking, to rock climbing, hiking, cycling and especially camping; if it's outdoors I'll do it.

My favorite things include in no particular order: dogs, the Green Bay Packers, food, exercise, sleep, and this job (I’m not even being paid to say that, well maybe I am. I wrote this at my desk (: ).
Eagle Scout
Engineering Co-op