Rick Raffesberger
Richard Raffesberger
Osceola, WI
Current city
Osceola, WI
Favorite paddle
Explorer Plus
Favorite fishing spot
Any place that serves a good fish fry during Lent
Rick grew up in Western Wisconsin, hitched to his better half in 1995, and to Branches a year later. He has Boy Scouts merit badges in both canoeing and swimming…and needs both when canoeing on the river. Has seen many changes in his years at Branches and yet they continue to get better. His proudest company memory: When Branches acquired Aqua-Bound and barely missed a beat in customer and dealer transactions.

Likes: White Castle, 70s prog rock, and road trips.
Dislikes: Beets, loud motorcycles and "Just sayin'".
Hobbies: Reading, writing, cycling, and drumming.
Little known fact: Listened to U2's Joshua Tree CD in its entirety while driving through Joshua Tree National Park.
Customer Service Representative