Jan 30, 2012 Report

-Captains b-Log-

Jan 30, 2012 LJ Report.
9:24am Peak low @ 1.66'/ Sunrise @ 6:45am.
Current was ripping early, and took considerable time to finally go slack. Slight surface bump texture from 6-8 average mph wind. Horse sardines and mini macks were everywhere for the pickings.Variable 58 degree f. surface temp. Thresher Sharks all around this past week..
**Remember to mark your GPS units alongside the Commercial Lobster traps for a good ridgeline of structure for the upcoming Rockfish opener.**
Tight Lines North County!
Capt. Wade

Its really hard to capture the lightning fast acrobatics and surface slashing from a psychotic Thresher Shark, especially while fishing, but I was lucky enough to capture a few frames for this weeks video report.