Engineering Co-op

 “This is the most flexible environment that I’ve ever worked in and the people are awesome… I now know what I am most interested in and what I would like in a company and career when I graduate.”  -Simon Quigg.  Branches Engineering Co-op student 2018

Engineering Co-op

We have an Engineering Co-op position that is so rewarding that it’s going to make your friends jealous…  Imagine a perfect work day where you make a real impact on business using your new skills and then hit the water to do some paddling after work.

At Branches, this is our every day.  Branches LLC is the world’s largest manufacturer of paddles, specializing in canoe, kayak, and stand-up paddles.  We’re located in beautiful Osceola, WI, about 40 miles northeast of the Twin Cities.  And using the paddles “for research” just seems like part of the job responsibilities.

Our Engineering Co-op position is everything you’ve dreamt about—a remarkable variety of work experience, a knowledgeable boss who’ll guide and mentor you, and a fantastically fun company that’s too laid-back to care if you wear flannel.  Oh, and the paddling; don’t forget about the paddling.


Co-op Time Frame:  January - August, 2019.  Spring thru summer semesters


Qualifications that You Need:

  • You are in pursuit of a BS degree in Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology or related field

  • You can communicate persuasively, positively and clearly; verbally and through formal reporting

  • You have proficient computer skills (Microsoft Office)

  • You can perform assigned work and complete work on schedule with minimal supervision


Qualifications that We Desire:

  • You have some experience with CAD/Design Software/CNC programming/Machining/Fabrication

  • You love the outdoors, paddling, and consider yourself an enthusiast


Salary Range: $15-20 per hour, depending on skill level and year in college


Physical Demands

  • You can stand for extended periods, walking, reaching, bending

  • You will be using power tools and basic machine shop equipment

  • You possess dexterity and vision to use and read measuring tools & instrumentation


Reporting Manager: Operations Manager


Learning Opportunities

As part of the Branches machine, you’ll develop an understanding for the manufacturing processes and use methods, tools, and documentation to support Lean manufacturing and improve the overall product flow.  You will work on several stimulating projects that will be geared towards developing specific Engineering skills.  Additionally, you will support the Engineering team in the following:

  • Manufacturing Engineering:

    • Assist projects to improve manufacturing processes (safety, quality, velocity & cost)

    • Help in the design of tooling, fixtures, measuring devices and other production equipment

    • Conduct studies and propose improvements to the overall process flow and spatial utilization based on Lean Manufacturing principles

    • Perform time studies and update time standards

    • Review and evaluate the accuracy of product cost sheets

    • Evaluate ergonomics and safety within the Manufacturing operations

    • Write and/or assist in writing quality and production procedures

    • Aids Operation Manager and Production Supervisors with continuous improvement projects, including Lean manufacturing, 5S, etc.

    • Assist maintenance department on various tasks and projects as needed

    • Other duties as assigned

  • Product Engineering:

    • Test materials and manufacturing processes

    • Assist Engineering and R&D departments with various aspects of new product development and testing


Engineering Co-op

“You get to take the product and tooling from the design concept all the way through 1st production runs.  Branches builds over 137 different models and there are so many options for consumers that the work is always changing.  I’m not stuck in one role.” -Cory Novinska. Engineering Co-op to full-time employee 2014


Benefits and Perks of Being with Branches

  • Housing:  Branches can help in finding affordable housing options for you, as well as offer a housing allowance

  • Employee Discretionary Bonus

  • Paid mileage for driving to the interview at Branches location

  • Flexibility with time-off

  • Access to Branches Leadership team throughout the co-op timeline.  You will give a final presentation on your co-op projects and experience

  • Inclusion into all company training, meetings, and events

  • Collaboration across Branches teams; potentially working with other student interns on Branches projects

  • Receive performance feedback every 8-10 weeks with personal coaching available

  • Paddle down the St. Croix river with company-wide paddling trips starting in the spring

  • Check out the boats, paddles, and boards available for personal use anytime

  • Enjoy lunchtime cookouts in the summer and chili competitions in the fall


Engineering Co-op

“Branches has all that is needed--help with housing, competitive pay, a fun environment, company use paddling items, paddling trips…” –Simon Quigg. Branches Engineering Co-op 2018


Company Core Values

You’ll help to enhance our safe, positive and energetic work environment through careful focus on values.   

  • Elevate the experience: Live the life and make paddles that make the difference 

  • Personify Midwest Nice: Make personal service your personal mission and respect your teammates 

  • Master our machine: Develop and maintain seamless business processes and respond with agility and accuracy

  • Lean forward:  Avoid complacency and seek better solutions  


Check Branches out…


Contact us/Tour Branches: You can call directly to chat or simply email your resume´ and we’ll get started.


Engineering Co-op

"I think this Branches co-op is the foundation of my future career. It exceeded my expectations." -Olivia Hart. Branches Co-op student 2018


Life is short; work someplace awesome.


Andrea Statz

Human Resources Manager

Branches LLC

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