Missy Hobbs
Missy Hobbs
Grafton, ND
Current city
Osceola, WI
Favorite paddle
The Navigator
Favorite paddling spot
St. Croix River Osceola - Somerset
I started working at Branches in 2009 and quickly realized I had found my forever home :) You couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to work with. My office cohorts are Teresa Hofferber, Accounting Specialist, and Emily Carlson, our Accounting Intern. As Steve Swanson says, if there isn't laughter coming from our office, something is wrong :) They truly make work fun.

When not at Branches, you can find me at home with my family on our 40-acre hobby farm. We raise guinea hogs, dogs, cats, and kids (the human kind) and occasionally cattle. One of my favorite pastimes is just hanging out in the yard with my husband and children.

Likes: Bonfires in the backyard, kayaking, gardening, baking/cooking and playing with my kids.

Dislikes: Coconut! Not even with ranch dressing! And being coerced by Emily Carlson into writing this bio!
Accounting Specialist