Tennessee Backwater Angler
Mark Rine
Dickson, TN
Current city
Cookeville, TN
Favorite paddle
Angler Pro Carbon Plus
Favorite fishing spot
Backwater creeks
Favorite paddling spot
Hidden Lagoons
Mark Rine has fished in some of the most beautiful backcountry in America. From Washington State to Northern Idaho, all the way to Florida, where he likes to fish for inshore redfish and speckled trout any chance he gets, Rine knows his way around the outdoors.

While Rine treasures his outdoor experiences and his time living in the northwest, he is most at home stalking smallmouth bass in the backwater creeks of his home state of Tennessee. Upon returning to the Upper Cumberland area of Middle Tennessee after several years, he began educating himself about the spectacular angling opportunities that he overlooked while growing up in this state.

Once back in Tennessee, Rine found himself living right up the hill from the Caney Fork and immediately began taking full advantage of the river by spending countless hours wade fishing for trout. The problem was, he often found himself crowded out, which made him pine for the serenity of the mountain streams in the Idaho backcountry. One afternoon while fly fishing at Happy Hollow, one of his favorite spots, he noticed a couple of guys unloading fishing kayaks from the bed of their truck. As they paddled upstream to get away from the crowd, Rine was intrigued and immediately went home to do some research. To his surprise, he discovered those kayaks were sold at a local store a mile down the road from his home!

Since that time, he has chosen a vast array of kayaks and SUPs as his vessels of choice, giving him the freedom to make it deep into the backwaters of Tennessee. Kayak rigging and gear adjustment have become his passion and he is constantly rigging his own small fleet of kayaks to be the ultimate tools for any task that may lie ahead. Rine also loves to educate new kayakers on how to modify these versatile vessels to be the perfect fit for them so the kayak can become an extension of their individuality and allow them to fully enjoy the kayak fishing experience.

Mark Rine