Mark Eskro
St. Paul, MN
Current city
Amery, WI
Favorite paddle
Expedition Plus
Favorite fishing spot
Apple River Backwaters
Favorite paddling spot
Any place where you can't hear traffic
In 2013 I packed up my family, moved 125 miles away and started working at a paddle factory. It was the best risk I’ve taken in my career. When you call Bending Branches there is a 25% chance my voice will be the first thing you hear (you lucky person you). Aside from talking to all sorts of paddlers on the phone all day, I work closely with our dealers to make sure they have the best possible selection of paddles for you to buy.

After work I usually go home to a loving wife, 4 beautiful daughters, and a german shepherd (yes, she’s a girl too). I enjoy smoking meats, smoking cigars, and drinking whiskey from smoked oak barrels.

Fun Facts about Me:
• 3 time consecutive reject of the Bending Branches ProStaff Team.
• I have tried to grow a “ZZ Top” style beard multiple times, but can’t get past the mangy looking phase.
• I listen to almost any genre of music. From bluegrass to heavy metal, gangster rap to classical piano; I love it all.
Accounting Specialist