Mark Eskro
St. Paul, MN
Current city
Amery, WI
Favorite paddle
Expedition Plus
Favorite fishing spot
Apple River Backwaters
Favorite paddling spot
Any place where you can't hear traffic
I started my career with Branches in 2013. For the first 4 years, I worked in our Inside Sales and Service team where I spent my days working closely with both consumers and dealers fixing problems and recommending products. Then in 2018 moved out of Sales and into Accounting as the Credit Manager. My primary responsibility now is managing the credit we extend to our dealer base. I also get to dig into all sorts of data and awesome spreadsheets.
After work, I head home to a loving wife, 5 beautiful daughters, and a German shepherd (yes, she’s a girl too). I enjoy running, woodworking, camping, paddling (duh), reading, and the Green Bay Packers.

Fun Facts about Me:
• I’m a 5-time consecutive reject of the Bending Branches ProStaff Team.
• I have never met a bourbon I don’t like.
• I listen to almost any genre of music. From bluegrass to heavy metal, gangster rap to classical piano; I love it all.
Credit Manager