Slice Hybrid



“I love it. It's quite light but very strong. The carbon shaft combine with the Carbon/Nylon composite blades give this paddle the strength of a plastic paddle and the negligible weight of a carbon paddle, without the price of a full carbon paddle. Though I don't race (yet), I paddle hard, and the weight of this paddle has never been a problem.”

“Recently did a 270 miles solo tour and a few people asked me if I was taking a backup paddle. My reply was “No, I think my bb Slice hybrid can handle it!” Which it did! I love it. Thanks for great products!

Courtesy of "Charles".
I bought this paddle in January! Since then I have seen over 354 miles of Tellico Lake shore line in East TN! I am training for the MR340! This is a 340 mile race across the state of Missouri on the Missouri River! I can maintain 4.8 to 5.2 mph on a 17’6” boat that weighs 66lbs and is 24” wide loaded with gear! What propels me? Bending Branches! Great Product!