Bonafide Kayaks RS117
Justin Floyd
Cartersville, GA
Current city
Greenville, SC
Favorite paddle
Navigator Angler Plus
Favorite fishing spot
Below the Hartwell Dam on the Savanah River
Favorite paddling spot
Key West
Full name is Justin Frank Floyd...born February 27, 1993, in Knoxville, Tennessee. I attended Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, where I played Division 1 football and graduated with a degree in Health Science. After graduating, I had full intentions of obtaining a post graduate degree in Sports management and pursuing a career involving college athletics. However, after doing some research, I came across a job listing on Indeed posted by Confluence Outdoor (the largest kayak manufacture in the world) for a position wrapping kayaks at the end of an assembly line. This truly sparked my interested because I had just recently purchased my first fishing kayak and was hooked on the sport. I accepted this position in January of 2016 and spent the next two years commuting from Georgia to Greenville to work at Confluence. One hundred and sixty miles round trip every day. I put nearly 50,000 miles on my jeep within a year. On my first day of work, I took a tour of the facility and was given a brief rundown of the entire manufacturing process. I was mesmerized by the insanely huge roto-molding ovens. I didn't know it at the time, but one of those ovens would eventually become my baby and I would be responsible for the production of nearly 100 kayaks per day. After spending only 1 week wrapping boats, I was transferred to the molding department. I spent the next 3 months working as a molder before being promoted to Senior molder. As a Senior molder, I managed molding operations on the production floor, inspected molds to insure they were free from defects, prepared and replaced mold changes for production, maintained quality standards, and trained/organized molders for maximized production. After filling my position of Senior molder, I transitioned into a title of Mold Trainer where I would be responsible for training all incoming employees on the proper molding techniques and skills. In October of 2017, I heard about a new company in the Greenville area called "Bonafide Kayaks" that was set to start up in the near future. Immediately, I was interested in joining the team that was ultimately orchestrated by Luther Cifers (mastermind behind YakAttack) and knew that I had to get my foot in the door. With Bonafide being a start up company, I was one of the first employees hired and the company officially launched on November 20, 2017. From then, I helped to establish molding operations and production processes that would eventually lead to getting quality, American-made kayaks shipped out across the country. Currently, I am serving as the Marketing and Sales Coordinator and spend most of my days creating multifaceted content and coordinating marketing campaigns. The purpose of our company is not just to produce badass kayaks, but to help others build the life they want to live; a life filled with invigorating and authentic experiences.
Kayak enthusiast with a demonstrated history of working in the kayak manufacturing industry.