Juan Gomez Fishing
Juan Gomez
Chatfield, MN
Current city
Chatfield, MN
Favorite paddle
Bending Branches Angler Pro
Favorite fishing spot
South Central Minnesota
Favorite paddling spot
Mississippi Backwaters - Pool 4
Juan was born in Mexico before moving to Southeastern Minnesota at the age of five. From a young age, Juan loved the idea of fishing and once he learned how to catch a fish, he was hooked for life. It wasn't until he turned twenty-one that he began targeting bass, but once he figured that out, his passion for fishing intensified. It wasn't about just catching fish anymore, it was sharing the passion that he has for fishing and hoping to get people hooked on fishing. In 2017, he founded Reel Midwest Fishing, a group dedicated to get people out and fishing and teach them to respect the outdoors. Now, Juan is participating in Kayak Bass Fishing, TourneyX, and Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association tournaments.
- Owner/Founder of Reel Midwest Fishing
- ProStaff Team Member for JB's Fish Sauce, Cold Snap Outdoors, PowerTeam Lures, and Omnia Fishing
- KBF member and tournament angler
Regional Ambassador