Rome Ga
Current city
Rome Ga
Favorite paddle
Bending Branches Angler Pro
Favorite fishing spot
Where ever there are fish.
Favorite paddling spot
Santa Fe river, Florida
Since childhood I have wanted to see what was around the bend in the river, see where it would take me...Not look at it from a distance but taste, feel and absolutely wallow in what it had to offer.
10 years ago something magical happened, I fished out of a kayak and I knew that it would be my passion. Since then I have chased fish in saltwater, lakes and rivers...The more remote the better and these fish were my ticket for adventure. The past three years I have stepped into tournament bass fishing and this has introduced me to an entirely different aspect that our sport offers. Before, I was doing most of my fishing solo or with a few select friends but the competition world has introduced me to some of the most passionate, skilled and genuine kayak anglers on the planet. This brotherhood has been a welcome experience.
Three Rivers Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament- 1st place
N. GA Reservoir Dogs Rocky Mtn PFA tourney -1st Place
River Bassin Cartersville GA- 3rd place and Big Fish
Competed in KBF Opens @ Ky Lake, Paris TN and Toledo Bend TX
2 time KBF National Championship qualifier

Co-founder of Peach State Kayak Anglers
Jackson Kayak Fishing Team
Bending Branches Ambassador
iRod Fishing
Picasso Lures
Ardent Outdoors
Strike King VIP program

Thank God for little plastic boats.