Ronda, NC
Current city
Ronda, NC
Favorite paddle
Angler Pro Kayak Fishing Paddle
Favorite fishing spot
New River in Virginia and Pensacola, FL
Jameson Redding grew up fishing and hunting in the foothills of NC, but later moved to the Florida Gulf Coast. His passion for fishing really began to take shape and he spent the next 7 years learning how to catch reds and trout on the flats. He now fishes the IFA Kayak Tour, which is a branch of the popular Redfish Tour that takes him to every state along the east coast and Gulf Coast from South Carolina to Louisiana. Jameson is also working full time producing kayak fishing media and over just the past year has traveled and fished Northern California to Southern California, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and most of the State of Florida including the Keys. He has been fortunate enough to land many different species from his kayak such as Ling Cod, Calico Bass, Rooster Fish, Bull Redfish, and even a Wahoo off the coast of Pensacola. When not on the water or on the road he can be found working at the Winston Salem Great Outdoor Provision Co. in NC.
• Fished two full seasons in the IFA Kayak Tour Fishing 4th at the 2012 National Championship.

• Worked with NCKFA (North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association) Teaching kayak fishing seminars.

• Manages The College Kayak Fishing Tournament Trail.