Jake Wisse
Jake Wisse
Frederic, WI
Current city
Hudson, WI
Favorite paddle
The Navigator and The Balance
Favorite paddling spot
Deception Pass, San Juan Islands, WA
As National Sales Manager for Bending Branches Paddles, Jake can typically be found traveling North America with sales reps, making friends, visiting retailers, and fitting in as much paddling and mountain biking as possible. When at home he's hanging with his kids and teaching them to be awesome, doing stand up comedy, and playing guitar with his buddies. If you can't find Jake, check a local brewery or a new restaurant, or just wait for a day or two. He'll show up eventually, and not too much the worse for wear.
Sales and Marketing Manager, Bending Branches Paddles, 2001-2006
Sales and Marketing Manager, Stohlquist Waterware, 2006-2014
NW Wisconsin District 13 Leg Wrestling Champion of the World
National Sales Manager