Huntsville, Alabama
Current city
Huntsville, Alabama
Favorite paddle
Angler Pro 260cm
Favorite fishing spot
Small streams with good flow
Favorite paddling spot
Coosa River, Wetumpka, Alabama
Hello folks. I am Eric Atkins and I’m from Alabama the Beautiful or as some biologists call it "America's Amazon".   I’m a husband and father of two future adventure buddies.  Our family lives in North Alabama near Lake Guntersville and Lake Wheeler. In fact, our backyard is a protected wildlife habitat and contains waters that flow into Lake Wheeler. 

I’ve always grown up near water.  In my earliest years, there was just a screen door, a clothesline, barn, and a few hundred acres of pasture between me and Lake Guntersville backwater.  Catching crappie from the bank of upper Lake Guntersville by the light of a kerosene lantern has burnt fond memories into my head.  Later in my childhood, we moved to east Tennessee to a farm that had a creek flowing across the bottomland into the Hiwassee River.  There my sister and I had a blast trying to catch catfish, rock bass, perch, and the infrequent rainbow trout. 

I want to instill within my daughter and son a sense of wonder and awe towards creation.  From our back porch in Huntsville, Alabama, we can observe wonderful creatures living in their natural environment.  Eagles, owls, coyotes, deer, pileated woodpeckers, chipmunks, and great herons are just a small sample of the magnificent creatures we regularly see at our home.

Bending Branches paddles help me explore our world.  Their paddles help take me to places that would otherwise be inaccessible; alligator-filled swamps, shallow flats on the Tennessee River, tiny creeks that are sometimes better described as ditches. Although, I’m just 5-foot 10-inches tall, I prefer 260cm paddles. The longer length comes in extremely handy while standing in my Jackson Kayaks. I use the lightweight and strong Angler Pro paddles in SUP situations on nearly every fishing trip. The extra length also gets used when trying to navigate around, over, under, and through some of the gnarly underbrush, trees, beaver dams, and other obstacles I hope to encounter on each trip.
* Cover, Kayak Angler Magazine, Summer 2014
* Headline shot 2016 iCast booth for Jackson Kayak
* 2014 Top 20 River Bassin' Tournament Trail
* Various photos and media used by industry partners
* Current local club record longest black bass: 24.75-inches
* First Tournament Trail Director for the North Alabama Kayak Anglers (2014)
* Bassmaster and FOX Sports Outdoors Catches of the Week
* Consults with various outdoor product companies
* Leader of Alabama Kayak Anglers

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* LifeProof
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