Ed Vater
Ed Vater
Loyal, WI
Current city
Osceola, WI
Favorite paddle
Expedition Plus
Ed grew up in a rural township where his dad was a woodworking teacher who built his own paddles. At the age of seven, he began joining his dad on whitewater canoe runs and took regular family trips down Wisconsin’s Jump, Flambeau, Chippewa and Brule rivers.

While in high school and college, Ed took many river trips with family and friends, most often on Wisconsin’s Black River and Minnesota’s Vermillion River. In 1990, he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and worked in the industrial laser industry.

In 1992, he took Kay paddling down Wisconsin’s Apple River for their first date. They are happily married and have three kids.

Ed’s enthusiasm for woodworking and paddling led him to Branches and away from the laser industry in 2002; he finds it fun to mix business and pleasure.

To this day, he most loves river tripping with family members and close friends. He paddles a tandem when out with his wife and runs a solo canoe when out with others. For after work river runs, he sometimes paddles a crossover kayak. Ed keeps a journal of his paddling and hunting adventures and records his family’s history and good stories of any kind. He is also an amateur cartographer and enjoys making hand drawn maps.