North Little Rock, AR
Current city
Southeast Arkansas
Favorite paddle
Angler Optimus
Favorite fishing spot
The next one
Favorite paddling spot
Southeast Louisiana
Drew grew up fishing in Arkansas. His summers were spent floating rivers in the Ozarks and bass fishing all over the state. After a 6-year enlistment in the Navy and three deployments, Drew left active duty in 2002 with a healthy respect for life. He purchased his first bass boat, a 21ft javelin, and spent the next four years fishing all over South Carolina while obtaining his college degree. Drew graduated from the University of South Carolina Aiken in 2005 and moved back to Arkansas with his wife of 16 years to start their family. He sold his bass boat and purchased a kayak in 2010. With that decision, a passion for kayak fishing was born and life hasn’t been the same. In the beginning, the kayak allowed him to get away for short trips when time was available. Over the years, Drew spent more time on the water and his passion for kayak fishing continued to grow. Now he makes the time to travel and fish as often as possible. In 2016, that included 16K miles in many states. You can keep up with the adventures of “looknfishy” through the links above.