David Roberts
David Roberts
China, Texas
Current city
China, Texas
Favorite paddle
Angler Pro Real Tree Camo
Favorite fishing spot
Sabine Lake
Favorite paddling spot
Neches River
I grew up in the little town of China here in Southeast Texas. The Gulf coast and Sabine lake has never been a far drive, so I have spent my entire life being on the water. As a family, we would always take our boat out but once she broke down, I purchased my first kayak. Needless to say, I was instantly hooked and it has lead me down a road that I never would of imagined. Since then I have become intrigued with writing and capturing my encounters with nature. My goal is to inspire others to try kayaking and to enjoy the great outdoors. I also like traveling the coast to fish new places and meeting others that are apart of the kayaking community. I thoroughly enjoy the stalk of a tailing redfish in the shallows of the marsh; there is no finer sight! If I am not doing that, then I am sitting on the water during the middle of winter on the hunt for a trophy trout. Regardless of trying to catch a fish, I love paddling around on the water and enjoying life!

I have been paddling since I was 18 years old on the upper coast of Texas. I have founded the kayak fishing team for Lamar University and won Angler of the Year in the College Kayak Fishing Championship. I am the owner of my blog, TexasKayakChronicles.com. I also am the kayak fishing writer for Texas Saltwater Magazine and the outdoor writer for The Local at Bolivar Peninsula.