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A little backstory on me to let you know who I am. I'm the youngest of 3 brothers, Charlie, Clay, and me, Clint. They are 10 and 11 years older than me. We all wrestled in high school. Charlie was a state champion, Clay got 2nd and 3rd, and I ended up 4th in the state my senior year. All I ever wanted was to be a state champion like Charlie, well Clay too, he lost on a bad call by the ref. I had been lost for a long time after not achieving that goal, it hit me hard, and I had no plan in place for what to do next. I tried college, but it bored me. I ended up getting an automotive degree from a technical college, and worked as a mechanic for a few years before settling at Southeastern Mills as a line operator and later Quality Technician.

During this time I got married to my high school sweetheart, Meredith, in 2002. We have 2 wonderful boys, Cael age 11, and Cade age 9. They love to fish with dad. They also share something else with me, they both have bicuspid aortic valves, even though the doctors always told me it was non hereditary. I had open heart surgery in 2011 at the age of 31 to replace my leaking valve with a mechanical one. Now I take Coumadin, a blood thinner, daily to keep my body from forming a clot on the valve and causing a stroke. That's why you will notice all the blood in my national championship pictures. I accidentally stabbed my finger Sunday morning and never got it to completely stop bleeding. I hope my boys never have to do that, the surgery or the Coumadin.

Enough about my ailments, on to my oldest brother and childhood hero. Charlie was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in 2009, 1 week after his 40th birthday. I had always drank since age 14, it was how I coped with any and everything. But I let Charlie's diagnosis send me into the worst of my drinking days, before long I was in worse shape than him but I couldn't stop or fix it. I finally got clean for a few months leading up to my heart surgery, but I learned about a new demon after it. Pain pills. It wasn't long after the prescriptions ran out that I was back at the store buying beer, taking Coumadin. I totaled a 3/4 dodge cummins and got a DUI on December 17th of 2012. That's the day I took my last drink of alcohol. I lost my wife and kids for a year and a half. I volunteered myself through 2 different rehab programs and I found the program of AA, it saved my life. I recently celebrated my 4th year of sobriety and it means more to me than any fishing tournament ever will. But fishing is also an important part of my recovery.

Charlie's battle with brain cancer ended on October 22nd of 2016, he was 47 years old. He beat all the odds, and fought longer and harder than any of the doctors thought he could. A day has not gone by that I have not missed him. I miss our spur of the moment fishing trips that were always more of an adventure than a casual fishing trip. Charlie taught me to do more than what is expected of me. To go farther than anyone thinks I can. To face the unexpected or seemingly impossible with a smile on my face. And to help each and every person that I can along the way. It's for this reason I've included all this in my Bio. I'm here for more than just kayak fishing. I'm here to hopefully use my life experiences to help someone else. Please don't hesitate to send someone my way or reach out to me.

We had a small 2 acre farm pond where I grew up in Armuchee, GA. I can remember vividly watching one of the neighbors pull a monster 8+ lb bass out of there one day as I looked on from our front yard 1/2 mile away. I was probably about 5 years old. But I was hooked, I couldn't go down there by myself, I was too little. But every chance I got I went and fished for her. The lure of choice back in those days was a rubber worm or the highly coveted black jitterbug. I never got to use the jitterbug, I couldn't get it away from my bigger brothers. I do remember catching my first 3 pound bass out of that pond on a worm though.

A few years later we moved across the county to my Memaw and Pawpaw's land. Luckily the neighbor had a 5 acre lake full of timber and willow trees. It was pretty much the most awesome thing ever. I was a little older and newer lures got added to the arsenal, mainly a floating firetiger rapala, jointed if you were lucky. And then a zoom trick worm, and the slug go. I caught some big fish there on the slug go when it first came out, and I threw it at the national championship. I also graduated from an open face to my first baitcaster at that lake. I still have my first abu Garcia 5500's that I fished with there in my teen years. I also used them both during the national championship and caught my biggest fish on one of them. If that's not a testament to a product I don't know what is.

After high school at some point I ended up with a bass boat, it was the next logical step. I fished small local tournaments on Lake Weiss for a number of years. Even won a couple here and there. But it sure is expensive, glitter rockets burn a lot of fuel. And of course at this point I had spent my fair share of time in a canoe, whether at the neighbor's lake, in a creek, or in a river chasing stripers. I bought my first fishing kayak in 2013 and fell in love with the sport immediately. It was just icing on the cake when I learned of a local tournament club starting up, Reel Krazy Kayak Fishing Tour.

"Kayaking has single handedly changed my life" -Jim Ware

It has been through this club and this sport that I have met some true life long friends, most of the friends I had until that point turned out to just be drinking buddies. And Jim's words couldn't be more true for me. Kayak fishing helped me find the connection to God that I needed but had lost because of my drinking. And it's helping me connect with real people that have the same passion as me.

I love to fish for spotted bass, at this moment, they are my favorite species to target. And we have a few creeks and rivers around here that are loaded with monsters. Weiss Lake also has it's fair share of monster spots. They don't hit a lure to eat it, they aim to kill it. When I'm not fishing moving water I like to power fish shallow and muddy, usually 6 foot or less. Thanks for reading.
2016 KBF National Championship-2nd place
2016 KBF AOY race-6th place
2017 KBF "The Ten"-7th place
2015 Reel Krazy Kayak Fishing Tour AOY race-2nd place
2016 KBF Southeast Regional Challenge June-1st place