Headland, Alabama
Current city
Headland, Alabama
Favorite paddle
Angler Pro Carbon & Angler Ace
Favorite fishing spot
Chipola River
Favorite paddling spot
Coosa River
Clay and Sheldon Grace are a father/son kayak fishing duo from Southeast Alabama. Time on the water is a family affair. They enjoy paddling and fishing numerous creeks and rivers in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. The skinnier the water the better, as they prefer to paddle moving waters in search of trophy river bass from their Jackson Kayaks.

Sheldon is currently 16 years old and in the 11th grade. He works part time at a local animal hospital. When he isn’t fishing, he also enjoys duck hunting and serving with his church’s youth group. Sheldon has spent many hours on the water and learned from experience how to effectively fish small creeks and rivers. A combination of paddling skills and reading the water has allowed him to find trophy fish in small water. Sheldon currently holds the Florida state record shoal bass caught from the scenic Chipola River.

When not at work or spending time with family you will most likely find Clay fly fishing for bass in the Choctawhatchee River. The accessibility and solitude that kayak fishing offers has given him a way to get out on the water and revel at God’s creation. Clay loves photography and art as much as fishing. He is always looking for new waters to paddle and explore in search of that perfect shot that he hopes will inspire others to get out on the water and paddle. Kayak fishing has taught both Sheldon and Clay the needs and benefits of conservation for native fish, especially in riverine ecosystems that they often paddle.
Sheldon Grace
•Jackson Kayak Regional Fishing Team
•Bending Branches Ambassador
•Florida Shoal Bass state record holder

Clay Grace
•Jackson Kayak Regional Fishing Team
•Bending Branches Ambassador
•Alabama Scenic River Trail Ambassador