Your Bending Branches wood paddle won’t need any special care except to protect it from the elements between trips.  We recommend storing your paddle indoors when not in use.  Inevitably your paddle will get scratched during use but you can repair/refinish to extend the life of your paddle.  Allowing several days to complete, here is our recommendation:


 Sand the area you want to repair with a fine abrasive until smooth and dull. 

  • If there is wood damage, use more aggressive (100-120) grit and remove any discoloration to the wood.  Follow with fine (220) grit.  Wipe off dust.

  • Apply two or three thin coats of solvent based (not water based) outdoor or marine grade polyurethane.

  • Allow several hours between coats for drying, rub lightly with fine (220) abrasive before each new coat for a better finish.

  • Apply one or two more coats of polyurethane, after final coat, allow a few days for full cure.

  • You are ready for the water!

  • If the job is more than you can handle, we will repair it for a small charge.


Paddle Warranty We build strong paddles and have one of the lowest breakage rates in the industry. But we know the unthinkable can happen. When it does, we honor all reasonable requests for repair or replacement. Bending Branches paddles are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year from date of purchase. Just email [email protected] or call 1-715-755-3405 for warranty or repair information.