Big Bites
Charlotte, NC
Current city
Charlotte, NC
Favorite fishing spot
Catawba River
I was born in Charlotte, NC and it's still where I call home. I started kayak fishing around 2010 but have been fishing since my early childhood. When home, I am usually on a local river chasing largemouth and smallmouth bass but also enjoy catching inshore reds whenever I can. Like most people in the sport, I love that kayak fishing gets me into unique places where often there are no boats or other people in sight. Kayak fishing has taken me on some amazing adventures and to places I would've never dreamed of going.
• Jackson Kayak Factory Fishing Team Member
• JK Media House Manager
• Guest Host on The Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons
• Guest Host on Hooked on Wild Waters with Drew Gregory
• President of UNCC Bass Fishing Club