Top Kayak Fishing Tips from Our Ambassadors

Are you just getting started in kayak fishing? Or have you been fishing for awhile, but still appreciate tips from the pros? We asked some of our Bending Branches’ Ambassadors for their best kayak fishing tips…

top kayak fishing tips

Justin Hausner, a.k.a. American Kayaker:

“Lightweight and durable equipment can make all the difference in the world while spending the whole day out on the water…Want to outlast your friends on the water? Invest in the best!

“Bending Branches’ Angler Pro will allow you to paddle and maneuver all day long, long after the others call it quits.”

“It’s very important to have the correct gear for you. A properly fitted paddle for you (and the boat you’re in) is essential to making sure you have a good time out on the water.

“If your hand or the paddle shaft is hitting the side of the kayak while you paddle, consider getting a longer paddle to allow a smoother stroke…The Bending Branches Angler Series has an adjustable ferrule allowing you to use one paddle for many different kayaks!”

top kayak fishing tips

He goes on to say:

“A small but essential tip while paddling…the little rubber rings on the shaft of your paddle are called “drip rings.” A lot of people believe those are intended to be hand braces. If you slide these down to where you hold the paddle, water will run down the paddle and drip down on your legs.

“If you find yourself getting dripped on, check out those rings and make sure they do not go over your body while you paddle! (No more wet legs!)”

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Jeff Jones, of CFCR FIshing, suggests:

Get a comfortable PFD. From inflatables, to kayak fishing exclusive options, there are many to choose from.

Get a quality paddle. If you do a quick Google search for “kayak paddles,” you will quickly get overloaded with a wealth of information! Start out by choosing the correct length of paddle. Bending Branches has a great chart on their website for selecting the correct length.

buy a quality kayak paddle

“Next, what’s your budget? Buy the best paddle that your budget will allow. A great starter paddle that is superb quality is the Bending Branches Angler Classic paddle.

Get a visibility flag. Kayaks are low on the water, and sometimes hard to see from a motorboat. The best way to be seen is to add some type of flag or light onto your kayak. If you’re going to be paddling on high traffic waterways, I would also suggest wearing high visibility clothing.

Join a local fishing club. The kayak fishing community, as a whole, is the friendliest, most welcoming group of individuals on the planet. Whether it’s getting together to go fishing, having a fish fry, or just getting together for some smack-talk, you’ll always learn something from fellow kayakers.

“To inquire about clubs in your area, check on Facebook, ask at local tackle shops, or ask any kayaker you see.

Get some water sports clothing. Things to look for when buying clothing for kayaking are: moisture-wicking, UPF sun protection and lightweight fabric.”

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(All photos courtesy of Justin Hausner)