Bending Branches’ Slice Family of Kayak Paddles

 bending branches slice kayak paddle

Our Slice family of kayak paddles are a high-visibility mid-range paddle for a variety of kayakers, from weekend enthusiasts to casual flatwater kayakers to experienced solo canoeists.

Let’s take a look at each one:

Slice Hybrid Kayak Paddle

The Slice Hybrid is for the weekend enthusiast who prioritizes lightweight components and American-made quality. It’s ideal for flatwater kayaking (lakes and slow-moving rivers).

Slice Hybrid Plus (MSRP $159.95) features an ovalized 100% carbon shaft with our Plus telescoping ferrule system. This allows not just unlimited feathering angles, but an adjustable length of up to 15 cm. That’s a great feature if you’ll use your paddle with different boats or if other paddlers of different heights will use it, too.

The high-viz orange blades are made of fiberglass-reinforced epX engineered polymer. They provide a smooth entry into the water with light swing weight. In fact, the entire paddle is just 30 ounces.

Slice Hybrid Snap-Button (MSRP $139.95) is identical to the Hybrid Plus except for the ferrule system. This model features our snug-fitting 3 hole snap-button ferrule that allows for feathering angles of 0º or 60º (left or right).

Otherwise it’s the same 100% carbon shaft, the same high-viz epX engineered polymer fiberglass reinforced blades. It’s available in four different lengths, from 210 cm to 240 cm, in 10 cm increments.

Slice Glass Kayak Paddle

The Slice Glass is for casual flatwater (lakes and slow-moving rivers) kayakers who are ready to upgrade their gear, and are looking for value and American-made reliability.

Slice Glass Plus (MSRP $139.95) is constructed with a durable fiberglass shaft that offers just the right flex. The Plus telescoping ferrule offers both unlimited feathering angles and an adjustable length of up to 15 cm.

The high-viz orange blades are the same epX engineered polymer, fiberglass reinforced as the Slice Hybrid model. They’ll move plenty of water for you over many hours. At 34 ounces, it’s slightly heavier than the Hybrid but still a very light paddle.

Slice Glass Snap-Button (MSRP $119.95), also 34 ounces, has all the features of the Plus model, except our snug snap-button ferrule instead of the Plus ferrule. It’s available in four set lengths between 210 cm and 240 cm. You have two feathering options: 0º and 60º (either left or right).

Slice Glass Solo Canoe Paddle

The Slice Glass Solo is for the solo canoeist who wants extensive control when navigating through the water. This paddle packs a punch of performance and efficiency.

As a solo canoeist, whether you use a kayak paddle or a canoe paddle is a personal choice. A kayak paddle like the Slice Glass Solo can give you more control in adverse conditions like high wind and waves.

Slice Glass Solo (MSRP $169.95) is different from the paddles designed for kayakers in that it’s available in longer lengths: 260 cm and 280 cm. Canoeists sit higher from the water than kayakers do, so they need that extra length.

The fiberglass shaft has just the flex you need along with plenty of durability. It’s available with our snug-fitting 3-hole snap-button ferrule that gives you feathering options of 0º and 60º (left or right).

The high-viz orange blades are epX engineered polymer, 95 square inches in each blade for moving lots of water, yet with smooth entry and light swing weight. The paddle weighs 39 ounces.

Do you have more questions about a Slice kayak paddle? Contact our friendly Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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