Bending Branches’ Kayak Touring Paddles

Navigator kayak paddle

Navigator and Navigator Plus Kayak Paddles

For our Navigator kayak paddles, we combine the same care and craftsmanship used on our canoe paddles with a feather-light and durable T-700 ovalized carbon shaft.

The blades are a gorgeous combination of red alder and roasted basswood, wrapped in fiberglass and protected with our patented Rockgard® edging. This old-school look is married to its high-tech carbon shaft which allows a weight of just 28 ounces.

Bending Branches Navigator kayak paddle

The Navigator has a snap-button ferrule, while the Navigator Plus has our Plus Telescoping ferrule. The Plus ferrule gives you infinite feathering angles and an adjustable length of 15 cm. This is perfect for using multiple boats, or if you can’t keep it out of others’ hands!

Like the Impression, up next, the Navigator is also popular with solo canoeists.

Navigator MSRP: $299.95; Navigator Plus MSRP: $324.95

Impression Kayak Paddle

If you love the natural beauty of wood but need to stick to a lower budget, look no further than the Impression. Its ovalized shaft is solid basswood and its blades are crafted from a combination of several natural basswood colors.

Bending Branches Impression kayak paddle

The beautiful woods along with our Rockgard® edge protection at the blade tips will ensure a long-lasting paddle that’s a pleasure to use.

This paddle weighs 39 ounces. Its snap-button ferrule system is constructed of composite materials that won’t corrode or seize up.

Impression MSRP: $199.95

Slice Hybrid and Slice Hybrid Plus Kayak Paddles

A very solid high-angle touring paddle, the Slice Hybrid models combine a 100% carbon ovalized shaft with durable epX engineered polymer blades that are reinforced with fiberglass. This paddle weighs just 30 ounces.

BB Slice Hybrid

The Slice Hybrid comes with a snap-button ferrule, with feathering angles of 0º and 60º. The Slice Hybrid Plus features our Plus Telescoping ferrule system, giving you infinite feathering angles and 15 cm of adjustable length.

Slice Hybrid MSRP: $129.95 ; Slice Hybrid Plus MSRP: $149.95

Slice Glass and Slice Glass Plus Kayak Paddles

Our Slice Glass kayak touring paddles are a great choice for the value-conscious high angle kayaker. The ovalized shafts are constructed of durable fiberglass, and the blades of epX engineered polymer blades, reinforced with fiberglass.

Bending branches slice glass

The Slice Glass comes with the snap-button ferrule, with its 0º and 60º-degree feathering options. The Slice Glass Plus gives you the Plus Telescoping ferrule system, with a 15 cm adjustable length and infinite feathering angle options. It weighs 34 ounces.

Slice Glass MSRP: $109.95; Slice Glass Plus MSRP: $129.95

No matter which of these kayak touring paddles you choose, you’ll love using it on all your paddling adventures!

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