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Bending Branches Angler Pro

Angler Pro

Our Angler Pro is our most decorated kayak fishing paddle, having won Kayak Fishing Paddle of the Year every year since its introduction in 2013.

The Pro comes in both all-carbon and fiberglass blade options. If you want the lightest paddle available or love the look of sleek black, the Angler Pro Carbon is for you. Just 25.5 ounces.

If brightly-colored is more your style, you’ll love our selection of the fiberglass blade options. They’re just slightly heavier at 29 ounces.

Both models are available with either our Plus Telescoping Ferrule or the more budget-friendly Snap-Button Ferrule. The Plus offers adjustable lengths and infinite feathering angles.

  • Angler Pro Carbon Plus MSRP: $424.95
  • Angler Pro Carbon Snap MSRP: 399.95
  • Angler Pro Plus MSRP $324.95
  • Angler Pro Snap MSRP $299.95

"The first day I got a chance to use my beautiful new Angler Pro, the surf was head- high on the way in and out. I was thankful for the extra power the paddle provided me with to push me through. I really like the power of this paddle's face, and it has a flutter free stroke—well made for sure. Thanks for the awesome paddle, Bending Branches!"
(Rob K from Oahu, Hawaii., Anglo Pro owner)

Angler Navigator

The Navigator has been a trusted kayak paddle for years—and now we’ve adapted it to add to the Angler family, too!

Bending Branches Angler Navigator
Our only kayak fishing paddle with wooden blades, the Angler Navigator is just as beautiful as it is functional. A combination of alder, basswood and roasted basswood gives the blades its distinctive look. And our patented Rockgard® edge protection means you don’t have to baby it.

Add a lightweight, tough shaft of 100% carbon with its built-in tape measure and you’re ready to hit the water.

  • Angler Navigator Plus MSRP: $324.95
  • Angler Navigator Snap MSRP: $299.95

Angler Ace

Another trusted paddle over the years, the Angler Ace just got a redesign, making it even better. We kept the 100% carbon shaft, then increased the size of the carbon-reinforced nylon blades for more power and efficiency with every stroke.

And we’re still able to offer it as the lightest paddle at this price point, just 30 ounces.

The Ace is also available with either the Plus Telescoping or Snap-Button Ferrule system. Both include the built-in tape measure on the shaft.

  • Angler Ace Plus MSRP: $224.95
  • Angler Ace Snap MSRP: $199.95

“The Bending Branches Angler Ace is that perfect blend of performance and durability…This isn’t just a paddle—it’s a tool.” (ProStaffer Brooks Beatty and Angler Ace user)

Bending Branches angler kayak paddles

Angler Classic

As we get into our more budget-friendly kayak fishing paddles, don’t think you’ll sacrifice quality or the bells and whistles the high-end paddles give you!

The Angler Classic is our best-selling kayak fishing paddle, and for good reason. It combines a functional and durable fiberglass shaft with fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades, available in two color options. And it’s easy on your wallet!

Just like our more expensive paddles, the Classic comes with a built-in tape measure on the shaft, and adds a hook retrieval system on the blade. And like our high-end models, it’s available with either the Plus Telescoping or Snap-Button Ferrule system.

  • Angler Classic Plus MSRP: $164.95
  • Angler Classic Snap MSRP: $139.95

Angler Scout and Angler Rise

Now, for a kayak fishing paddle for under $100, we have two options for you: The Angler Scout and the Angler Rise.

The Scout features an ovalized aluminum shaft with built-in tape measure, and a hook retrieval system on its fiberglass-reinforced polymer blades. The blades come in two color choices.

The Rise features an ovalized aluminum shaft and tough polypropylene blades with hook retrieval system. It weighs only 37 ounces. Sorry, no built-in tape measure on this one!

Both are available with our Snap Button Ferrule system.

  • Angler Scout MSRP: $99.95
  • Angler Rise MSRP: $74.95

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