Your Therapy Session Awaits [Video]

paddling for therapy

Why do we paddle? For many reasons. But one of the most important is the built-in therapy it gives us.

"Paddling for me is where I find tranquility. It gives me a chance to recharge my batteries and get myself back to neutral. There's no place in the world where I feel more calm and centered like the water from a canoe or kayak. On top of that, I'm able to get some exercise and socialize with dear friends."
Andrew Stern, Marketing Supervisor
(Favorite paddle: Navigator Plus)

"I enjoy paddling in the early morning in a backwater marsh or bay when the water surface is like glass and all that can be heard is only the blade in the water and an occasional call of waterfowl. It is the solitude and serenity that allows for a simple transport through nature and time."
Rick Raffesberger, Customer Service Representative
(Favorite paddle: Impression)

"Paddling for me provides the optimum blend of companionship with friends in an independent environment. I thoroughly enjoy the time on the water and connection to nature that paddling provides. Paddling with my Java 11 provides a getaway from the responsibilities of being an adult. I also enjoy the Navigator when kayaking.”
Jason Eccles, Production Manager

"The most therapeutic thing for me is the sound of my kayak cutting through the water, it's a quiet sound but something you can only hear in the silence of being on the water. Once you hear it, and let it soak into your soul you'll do whatever it takes to hear it again."
Travis Hamlin, Production Supervisor
Favorite paddle: Navigator Plus

"There are three parts of paddling that really excite me:

  1. Dreaming big as I look at maps, read trip reports and coordinate with friends & family to create the grand plan.
  2. River tripping with friends & family and seeing new things around every corner. I love enjoying the natural beauty while in the company of people I really care for (and I like being a campfire chef too)!
  3. Journaling the experience, writing a trip report, telling the stories, looking at the photos so I can enjoy the experience all over again. This step includes evangelizing for others to enjoy the same experience.”

Ed Vater, President

"I like the range that paddling gives me. I can explore new places or revisit to old favorite spots. I can meet new people or completely avoid human contact. I can push my limits or totally relax. The fact that I can do all of those things, or any combination, with just a paddle and a boat is why I love paddling."
Mark Eskro, Inside Sales and Service
Favorite paddle: Expedition Plus

So grab a paddle. Get on the water. Bring a friend or go alone.

Your therapy session awaits.