Wisconsin Fishing Expo 2018

Report by Bill Schultz, BillSchultz

Bending Branches & Aqua-Bound ProStaffs


For those of us who don’t ice fish, sports shows are a great way to get through the winter.  At least it helps me.  For almost 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of doing smallmouth bass talks at some of the bigger shows in Wisconsin and Illinois.  What fun venues to talk about the fish I chase all season and have for the past 25 years.


Also, a great time at some of the shows is to work the event for Jackson Kayak and, also get a chance to talk the paddles I love from Bending Branches and Aqua-Bound.  Last weekend was the Wisconsin Fishing Expo, the largest “fishing only” show in the Midwest.  This year was especially fun, because for the first time there was a Kayak Corridor.  Just before entering the big hall with all the other booths and powered boats, people had to walk by and were drawn down a hallway that held booths by most of the top kayak manufacturers, as well as Rutabaga Paddle Sports.  Rutabaga will be hosting Canoecopia, the “World’s Largest Paddle Expo” this weekend in the same Madison, Wisconsin Venue as the Wisconsin Fishing Expo.  An extremely exciting weekend that will be covered by Josh Duke, who will be there checking it out and working with Bending Branches and Aqua-Bound.


Bill Schultz WI Fishing Expo


Along with giving a talk on how to catch those trophy smallies in Door County, Wisconsin from a kayak, I spent a busy weekend talking kayaks and paddles.  I’ve been doing this for many years and was especially surprised at how many of those who stopped by our Jackson Kayak booth, had done their homework and were super interested in the Coosa FD, or, Flex Drive.  I’ve always been more of a paddler, one reason I love the what Bending Branches did with the Angler Pro, making it even lighter for 2018, and, adding the even lighter Angler Pro Carbon.  I’ve already paddled both and love them.  Be sure to check both great paddles out.  Those who had a chance to look at the Angler Pro I had with me loved the look and the weight.  Those who wanted a less expensive paddle were happy to see the Aqua-Bound Manta Ray at just under 30 ounces.


Bill Schultz WI Fishing Expo


This was a great fishing event that got even better this year with the Kayak Corridor, which will be even more popular for 2019.  Now, it’s time for Canoecopia and hearing from Josh Duke about all the excitement we’ll have this weekend back in Madison.